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This is the Short Adventure Stories In English of Gulliver Travels. The Lemuel Gulliver was from Nottingham in England. He studied at Cambridge and then worked as an assistant to a London surgeon.

Gulliver used to learn new things about map reading and mathematics. He believed that one day, he would travel to far-off lands. Read also Sinbad Sailor Adventure Story

Gulliver worked for three years as a ship’s surgeon. He then returned to London, got married, and tried to work as a medic.

Finally, He met Captain William Prichard, who was Master of the Antelope and set sail for the South Seas. They left Bristol on the 4th of May, 1699.

Far into the South Seas, Their ship was affected by an extreme storm. Many of the crew died. On the 5th of November, the ship was blown onto some rocks and was doomed.

Gulliver tried to escape in a lifeboat, but the boat was flooded and sank. Gulliver had the option to swim or to drown. He swam until he was tired and his feet dropped.

He could feel the sand below, so he knew he was close to land, and he managed to walk to safety.

Gulliver had arrived in the land; He would come to be known as Lilliput. He could see no sign of either houses or inhabitants.

Weak from fatigue, Gulliver settled down and fell into a deep sleep, not waking before daylight. When Gulliver awoke, he realized that he had been strongly tied to the earth. His captors known as Lilliputians, were human-like creatures no more than a few inches tall.

They provided him with food and drink which was laced with a sleeping medicine. He slept all through the following night.

While Gulliver slept, his captors placed him onto a carriage and took him to a disused temple near their capital city. More than 200 hundred local inhabitants drew the carriage.

Gulliver was inspected by the Emperor and his senior officers at the disused temple. Thousands of the local inhabitants came to marvel at him.

Gulliver was chained to the temple and the ropes that bound him were cut. Now he could move a little and lie down in the shelter of the old temple.

Gulliver entertained the court in many ways and gradually gained the confidence of the Emperor. On one occasion, he stood like a colossus while the Emperor’s

armies march through his legs with drums beating and colors flying. Gulliver was finally granted his Liberty and had his chains removed permanently. Read also Hansel and Gretel Adventure Story

He was given meat and drink allowance to support 1724 Lilliputians. Every village in the kingdom helped to supply the sustenance that Gulliver needed.

The Emperor allowed Gulliver to travel to the capital city of Mildendo. Gulliver took great care not to damage any of the people or the buildings.

The Queen herself took time to greet Gulliver at the window of her apartment in the Majestical Palace’s center.

The Emperor’s principal secretary told Gulliver that the Empire needed his help. The kingdom of Lilliput faced the threat of an attack from the neighboring kingdom of Blefuscu. The Blefuscudians had equipped a large fleet of ships and Lilliput would soon be attacked.

Gulliver pledged that he was ready to defend the Emperor and his state with his life.

To prevent the invasion by the armies of Blefuscu, Gulliver was determined to capture their fleet. He planned to tie together their greatest warships and toe them back to Lilliput.

He equipped himself with ropes and set off across the channel to where their fleet was gathered.

When they looked at him the Blefuscudians were so afraid that they jumped out of their ships and swam for their lives. The whole fleet was left unguarded but for the archers who were on the shore along with more than 30,000 of their countrymen.

The archers fired several thousand arrows at Gulliver in great volleys and he was struck many times in the hands and face.

Inspite of this vicious assault, he managed to fasten together fifty of their finest ships he cut from their anchors and took back to Lilliput. You may also like The Vain Stag Short Story

Upon entering the royal port of Lilliput, Gulliver presented the captured ships to the Emperor. When the Blefuscudians looked at their finest ships being taken to Lilliput, They were left in a state of sorrow and disappointment. The Blefuscudians sued for peace and the war finished.

Some of the Emperor’s advisers were jealous of Gulliver. They wanted to kill him or blind him but one of the Emperor’s courtiers warned Gulliver and he escaped to Blefuscu and was welcomed there by their king.

Gulliver noticed an upturned boat off the shore of Blefuscu and persuaded the King to help him salvage this boat. Because Gulliver’s actions had averted a major war, the king agreed to his request and ordered that Gulliver should receive all the help and materials he needed to fit up this boat into good repair.

After about one month the repairs to the boat were complete. The King allowed Gulliver to take all the provisions that he could carry. When the boat was fully stocked, Gulliver was ready to sail.

The Royal Court gathered to see Gulliver off amid a great ceremony. Gulliver set voyage on the 24th of September in the year 1701.

Gulliver sailed north and was eventually found by one merchant ship’s crew. He was welcomed on board by her captain Mr. John and Biddle, a very civil man, an excellent singer who agreed to take Gulliver home to England.

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Short Adventure Stories In English of Gulliver Travels

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