Silver Bell Short Story

This is the bedtime short story for kids. Mirabella was the daughter of King of the Silver Isles who, unfortunately, died. Her mother married again and had a son, Gliglu, whom she wished to be the King. She disliked Mirabella, so she sent her into the forest, hoping the wolves would eat her up!

very bedtime story for kids
very bedtime story for kids

Mirabella, not knowing her mother’s wickedness, missed her. She had been blessed at birth by her aunt who was a good fairy, with a little silver bell on an unbreakable silver chain.

Her wicked mother had tried to take it off and cut it several times, but had failed.

In the forest, Mirabella wandered around looking for a way home. The silver bell tinkled gently.

Suddenly, a wolf appeared and Mirabella was scared! But the wolf spoke, “Silver Bell of Mirabella, fear me not but command well!”

“I wish my mother was here,” said Mirabella, not knowing how wicked she was. Off went wolf to fetch her mother.

When her bell tinkled again, a fox appeared and Mirabella asked for food. It served her a feast. She heard the sound of a bell and found a canoe with a silver cup in it near the river-bank.

A voice asked her to drink from the cup and get into the canoe. Suddenly, she saw the wolf coming with her mother on its back, screaming for help!

She shouted at Mirabella when she saw her and cursed her saying she would kill her and all the wolves.

Mirabella was miserable and she stepped into the canoe, saying farewell to the wolf and the fox.

Her mother was turned into a cork tree on the river-bank while the canoe floated away across the river and sea to a beautiful island.

There were children playing and everything was full of joy and laughter. She saw her father waiting to welcome her and her happiness was complete!

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