Thumbelina Short Story

This is a Thumbelina story. Once upon a time, A woman lived alone, she had no children. She was very disappointed that one day she went to a fairy. Read also Jack and The Beanstalk

Thumbelina Short Story

Thumbelina Short Story
Thumbelina was meeting with Mr. Mole

That angel gave her a seed and asked to go home and plant it in a pot. That woman did the same. When she woke up in the morning, beautiful magical tulip had grown out of that seed. One petal of the tulip was half-open. When that woman kissed that petal, it opened completely and a very beautiful and lovely girl came out of it. The girl was very delicate, just like a flower, and baby was so small that she named her Thumbelina, because she was the size of a thumb. You may also like Goldilocks and Three Bears Story

The woman said that I am your mother and will keep you with a lot of love. Thumbelina was also very happy. She slept on a bed of flowers and her mother took great care of her.

One day when Thumbelina was playing, a frog caught sight of her. He thought, this girl is very beautiful. I will get my son married with this. He took Thumbelina away. The ugly boy of the frog was very happy to see him, he put Thumbelina on a leaf in the nearby pond, from where she could not run away even if she wanted to, and herself started preparing for the wedding.

Thumbelina started crying that when a butterfly caught sight of her, she picked it up and left it in the city of flowers. Butterfly had gone to arrange some food for Thumbelina and just then a black mole cricket saw her and was struck by her beauty. But Thumbelina told him that we are very different creatures, Mole Cricket’s friends also said that she is very strange, she is not beautiful like us, so they left Thumbelina.

Thumbelina was looking for a way to go home and while wandering in the forest, she came across a mousehole. Mousehole’s mistress was an old mouse. You may also like to read Alice in the Wonderland

The mouse gave shelter to Thumbelina, but in return asked her to do all the household chores. Also put another condition that at the time of tea, Thumbelina will also have to tell the story to her and his neighbor mouse Mr. Mole. Just then that neighbor mouse Mr. Mole came and saw Thumbelina. His heart fell on Thumbelina. Mr. Mole told the old mouse that you had to go to see my new house, so he took Thumbelina along.

On the way, Thumbelina saw a bird lying unconscious in an injured state. Thumbelina wanted to help her, but both mouse said that let her die, what will you help her? But Thumbelina did listen to her heart. She fed the bird, gave her water. She used to apply ointment on her wound every day.

One day Mr. Mole told the old mouse from his heart that he wanted to marry Thumbelina, so she was very happy.

When Thumbelina came to know about this, she flatly refused, but the mouse did not listen, then Thumbelina said that it is okay, but one last time I have to meet that injured bird. When Thumbelina went there, she saw that the bird was cured and was flying in the sky. The bird asked Thumbelina to quickly sit on his back, so that she could take her away from here. Thumbelina did the same.

The bird brought her to a distant land of flowers. Thumbelina saw that there was a beautiful prince. When the prince also saw Thumbelina, he was infatuated on seeing her. Thumbelina also fell in love with prince at first sight. Read also Frog Prince

The prince came to Thumbelina with great admiration and introduced himself that I am the prince of this land of flowers, will you be my queen…?

Thumbelina blushed and she even got wings from the land of flowers, so that she could fly here and there and go on a walk with the prince. Both started living happily.

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