Brain Development Games for 5-10 years Old Kids

Every parent aspires that their child should be smart from a young age. For this, they advise them to stay in books only, but do you know that along with studies, sports and other activities like learning music are also necessary for brain development. That is why in this article on estorybook, we have come up with great mind games for kids, but before that we will explain why brain development games for kids are important. So read the article completely for more information related to child brain development games.

Lets know why mind games are important for children.

Playing mind games with children can be beneficial for their brain development. This is confirmed by a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). This research clearly mentions that physical activity or sports can improve brain function (1). Not only this, playing can improve their health along with the brain (2).

Apart from this, another research also provides information that play has a significant effect on the development of children. Apart from physical, cognitive, emotional and creativity in children, it can also develop the power of imagination

Come on, now just know 5 amazing games for kids.

Brain Development Games for 5-10 years Old Kids

As we have given information that mind games can prove to be very important for the brain development of children. That’s why here we are telling about 15 such amazing and fun mind games, which kids can not only play easily but will also like. Some of these games can even be played by children alone. At the same time, they can also play some games as a team. So let’s know about the brain games played by children:

1. Word Puzzle

A word puzzle is a type of word puzzle. In this, some letters have to be combined to form a word that has some meaning. Through this game, along with sharpening the mind of the children, they can also get a hold on the formation of new words. How to play this game is explained in detail below.

Age – This game can be played by children of 5 years and above.

Play Mode:

Word puzzles can be played in a few ways:

  1. To play this game, a puzzle board is required, in which alphabets from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ are given.
  2. Give this word puzzle to the children and ask them to use it to form a word, such as CAT. Actually, while playing it, in the puzzle board, children can circle those words with a pencil or highlight them with a highlighter.
  3. When they recognize a word, then ask the children to make new words from that word.
  4. Similarly, using all the alphabets, ask the children to form new words.

Materials needed to play:

The following things are required to play this game:

  1. Word puzzle kit
  2. English alphabets or any other language alphabets

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is a great game for brain development. So it can be very beneficial for kids to play it. It consists of a total of 18 rows, out of which 9 are vertical and 9 are horizontal. The puzzle of numbers given in these lines has to be solved in this game. Further in the article we have explained in detail how to play it.

Age – Children above five years of age can play this game.

Play Mode:

Kids can play Sudoku in the following ways:

  1. First divide the Sudoku into two lines. One of these rows will be horizontal, while the other row will be vertical.
  2. Then find the number that repeats in those lines, to make the game easier to play.
  3. Then, identify the correct numbers and fill them in the blank boxes. During this, keep in mind that none of the numbers entered in those boxes match with the marks given in the vertical and horizontal rows.
  4. If the sudoku puzzle is not solved, check the entered numbers once again. After that identify the correct number by mixing it properly and fill it.

Materials needed to play:

In order to play Sudoku the following things may be required:

  1. Sudoku bug
  2. Mobile if you want to play Sudoku through the app.
  3. At the same time, if you want to play Sudoku with paper, then Newspaper.

3. Chess

Chess is a type of board game for children to play. It can also be counted in mind games. It can prove to be extremely beneficial for mental development (3). The game is played through a few pieces, whose total number is 36. It is of two colors – black and white. It takes two people to play it. Both have 9-9 soldiers, 2-2 horses, camels and elephants and 1-1 king and vizier.

Age – Children of 10 years and above can play this game.

Play Mode:

Here’s how to play Chess:

  1. First of all, both the players choose the piece of their respective color and decorate it well on the chess board.
  2. After this, both the teams take turns to start the game by moving their respective pieces.
  3. In this game the king moves only one house, which can be from front to back, right to left and diagonally.
  4. The vizier has the most power in the chase. He can walk like all the pieces, only he cannot walk like a horse two and a half houses.
  5. At the same time, Chase’s elephant can walk several houses at a time, but its direction is only straight i.e. right and left. At the same time, the camel moves only in a diagonal direction. Both of them are able to walk several houses at a time.
  6. Keep in mind that the camel placed in the white box will move diagonally only in the white box. Similarly, the camel kept in the black box will do its trick only by staying in the black box.
  7. A horse is the only piece that can jump over any piece placed in front. The horse always walks only two and a half houses.
  8. In addition, chess pawns can move to two houses at the same time at the beginning of the game, but after that they can only move to one house. Not only this, he walks very obliquely to kill someone.
  9. The game ends with check and mate, that is, the player who defeats the king in front, wins. Sometimes this game can be a draw.

Materials needed to play:

The following things are required to play this game:

  1. Chess board and its pieces.
  2. A mobile is required if playing chess through the app.

4. Puzzle

Puzzle also comes in the list of mind games. However, it is a little different than word puzzles. It consists of many fragments of a single photo. Those pieces have to be combined to make the right photo. Children can also play this game alone.

Age – This game can be played by children of 5 years and above.

Play Mode :

The way to play the puzzle is as follows:

  • First of all, keep all the pieces of the puzzle well in one place.
  • Now make the child sit at one place and give them all the pieces of the puzzle and ask them to combine them to make a picture.

Materials needed to play:

To play the puzzle, you may need the following materials:

  1. A puzzle board or kit
  2. In addition, mobile phones with puzzle games.
  3. If there is no puzzle kit, then this game can also be played by making some pieces of a picture.

5. Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s cube can also be a great game for kids to play brain games. Actually, it is a big square box made of small squares. Its four directions are of different colors and there are 9 small squares in each direction. This game is considered very beneficial for sharpening the mind.

Age – This game can be played by a child of 8 years and above.

Play Mode :

The Rubik’s Cube can be played as:

  1. To play this game for children, first take a Rubik’s cube and move all its squares around.
  2. Now give it to the child and ask him to decorate the Rubik’s cube as before, with all the same colors on one side.
  3. When all the squares of the Rubik’s cube are well decorated, that is, all the squares of different colors on all four sides come together in one color, then this game will be completed.

Materials needed to play:

To play Rubik you need:

Rubik’s cube is required to play this game.

Things to keep in mind before introducing a child to brain games

You already know which mind games can be beneficial for children. Come on, now just know what things children should take special care of before playing brain games.

1. Participation with children

If children are left to play alone, they may lose their interest in that game immediately. So, involve as many children as possible along with them to play any sport.

2. Play on their own:

Sometimes it happens that parents get busy in their own work by engaging the child in some kind of game. By doing this, the child may not play that game properly or he may not feel like it. That is why it is important that parents also take out time to engage in that game with their children. This will make the child more interested in the game.

3. Be patient:

Sometimes it happens that children do not show interest in some sports immediately. In such a situation, parents have to teach that game to the children with full patience. During this they did not scold or reprimand him. Children may take a little longer to understand the game. So parents should keep trying.

4. Don’t scold

Never be strict about the rules of your child while playing mind games. This will frighten the children and may refuse to play that game. At the same time, his interest in the game will also start to end. Therefore, always explain the rules of the game to the children in easy language. Not only this, give him complete freedom while playing. If possible, during the game, you can also play music in a low voice, so that the children will enjoy that game more.

Mind games can play a positive role in the brain development of children. That is why it is important that brain games should be selected for them according to their age. If you have not yet chosen these games for your kids, then start it today. In this article we have explained in detail how to play all the games. So teach them these easy brain games and enjoy yourself with them. Stay connected with estorybook to know more such fun games for kids.

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