7 Ways to Improve Kids Creative Thinking

The mental and physical development of the child happens very fast in the first few years. At such a time, it is necessary to give balanced diet and such mental work to the children which help in developing the child’s imagination power well.

Definition of Imagination

Imagination is based on experience. There is always newness in imagination. Sometimes old experiences are decorated with a new look. On the basis of what a child sees, hears and learns, his imagination begins to develop. Woodworth has termed imagination as mental manipulation. Defining imagination, it can be said in simple words that – “Imagination is to bring newness by changing the idea obtained from previous experience.

The development of the child’s intelligence takes place gradually. They see the things around them. Hears about them and then starts understanding after a certain period. By the age of two, the development of children’s imagination is very slow. After two years, the imagination of children starts taking wings. It is only at such a time that one starts learning actions taking place in the parents, family and society.

How to Develop Children’s Imagination

The development of imagination in children takes place after a certain time. What they see, learn, hear and feel at that time is based on their imagination. It plays an important role in the development of children’s imagination.

1- Language

With the knowledge of the language, the child starts to understand the feelings of the people. Due to which the questions coming in his mind start getting answers. With the increase in the language knowledge of the child, the ability to develop imagination also increases. Therefore, word knowledge should be increased in children. Names of nearby objects should be mentioned. Around the age of 5-6 years, children start imitating others on the basis of imagination.

When children see something on TV, they believe it to be true and imagine living the character they like. Some children learn to dance by watching a video of a song, while some children learn to sing. They take this decision on the basis of their interest, imagination and understanding.

2- Stories

Stories also significantly affect the development of children’s imagination. Knowledge of new words increases through stories. Simultaneously, stories develop imagination.

When Rabindranath Tagore used to listen to the story from his grandmother, he used to forget about food and drink. He has said that “Truth can be seen only in the imaginary world.” Many children listen to the story with great heart. Now children watch those stories in the form of cartoons or any videos. Sorrow, happiness, courage, valor, success, failure, humor, magician, demon, king, queen, fairy tales are helpful in the development of children’s imagination.

It is our personal experience that mathematics is better for the children of the village than the children of the city. The main reason for this is that someone in their house narrates the story to them. Mathematics is just like a story if you remember the formula. Telling a story sitting in front of the child accelerates the development of imagination. Whereas the effect of the story shown on TV is less.

3- Drama or Role Playing

Acting also significantly affects the imagination development of children. From the character of acting, the child learns courage, valor, morality, humor etc. and molds his life like the characters. This increases the child’s experience and imagination power. Seeing the acting directly, the child’s imagination power increases. By doing the second act, the child himself learns many new experiences. Children play games like doll-doll, thief-soldier, and doctor-patient, then the children’s imagination-power is developed by doing their work roles in them.

4- Poetries

Most of the poems recited to children are based on imagination. Children like to listen to poems, so poems are easily remembered by children. In the poems, the child talks to the moon and the moon does various things to make the child happy. This develops the imagination of the child.

5- Literature and Drawings

Literature and painting also influence the imagination of children. A writer presents his feelings in a beautiful way which is liked by the readers. Similarly, the child also presents his feelings in a very beautiful way. Hearing this, the mind becomes happy. Memory power and imagination power play an important role in the expression of emotions.

When a child tries to make a similar picture after seeing a picture, then thousands of imaginations come to his mind, which is difficult to guess. The child initially draws the same picture many times and erases it many times because that picture is not able to be made according to his imagination. Now you can imagine how beautiful the child’s imagination will be, which they are not able to mark on the paper.

By painting, the child starts learning to see his own shortcomings. When a little spoiled, he makes that picture again and again. It also develops the quality of patience.

6- Music or instrument

Almost everyone likes to listen to musical instruments or music. But there are very few people who learn it. Learning it develops imagination power. As good and easy as it sounds to listen to music or an instrument, it is equally difficult to learn it well. A child solves those problems on the basis of his imagination. Therefore his imagination power increases further.

7- Mass Media

Mediums like cinema, television, mobile, radio give many programs for the children, through which the child’s imagination power is developed. Cartoon films specially made for children make a very important contribution to the “development of imagination”.

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