Buddha’s Disciple | Short Story on Faith

Buddha’s disciple is the Short Story on Faith. Once, there was a disciple of the Buddha. He had gone to the village and was returning to the monastery.

On the way, there was a river. It was getting dark and there were no boatmen around.

buddha disciple
Short Story on Faith

The disciple said, “O Buddha, I’m surrendering myself to you. I’m yours and you know how to take care of me.”

With these thoughts, concentrating on the Buddha, he entered the river and hardly noticed that the water level was high.

He easily reached the middle of the river when his thoughts were diverted and he looked around him and panicked, “I’m neck-deep in water!”

Then he immediately said, “O Buddha, I’m your disciple. I know I’m safe because you are near.”

The disciple was sincere in his prayers and he crossed the remaining distance without any difficulty.

When he reached the monastery, the Buddha was standing at the entrance, smiling at him.

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