Dishonest Milkman Short Story

This is the Dishonest Milkman Short Story. Once upon a time, In a small village There lives a Milkman. He was very greedy.

Daily, He used to cross a nearby river to go to the city where his customers live.

The milkman used to mix the water from the river into the milk and sell it to its customers and earn good profit.

Dishonest Milkman Short Story image
Dishonest Milkman Short Story

Days pass, and he became very wealthy through dishonesty.

One day, he collected dues from all his customers to celebrate his son’s wedding. After collecting all the money, he purchased new clothes and a lot of gold ornaments.

On his way back home, while crossing the river, his boat heat a rock and turned upside-down.

All his new clothes and ornaments sunk inside the river and was very upset.

He started crying, suddenly, the milkman heard a voice coming from the river. It said,”Do not be, whatever you have lost is what you had earned by cheating your customer.”

The milkman realized his mistake.

Moral of the Story – Dishonest Milkman

Honesty is the best policy

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