The Drunken Beetle Story

This is the bedtime very short story. Once, a beetle saw a pot of beer. Droplets of beer were scattered everywhere. The beetle enjoyed licking the drops. He was completely drunk by then. Then he crawled to the river-bank. By mistake, he fell on a dung heap.

At that very moment, an elephant came to the river to drink water. Seeing the drunken beetle covered with dung, the elephant lifted his trunk in disgust and backed away.

When the beetle saw this, he thought, ‘That elephant is afraid of me! See how he backs off. I will fight him!” So he challenged the elephant to a fight. The elephant ignored him.

But the beetle started insulting the elephant. He shouted, “Hey you! You coward! Are you afraid of fighting me? I know I can defeat you easily.”

The elephant got very angry. He dropped some more dung on the beetle and went away laughing.

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