4 Best English Short Stories for Learning English

English Short stories are the best way to learn English. Short stories for adults improve learning English and make more better reading skills as well.

English Short Stories for Learning English
English Short Stories for Learning English

In this post, we have 4 Short stories for learning spoken English which will help you to improve your reading and spoken English.

Short Stories For Adults Learning English

Here below short english stories for learning english are in very easy and simple english language that help you a lot to enhance english vocabulary and also you can enjoy your reading.

Lets begin the English Short Stories for Learning English.

1. Land of Chaos

(English Short Stories for Learning English)

Once, in a certain kingdom, people were immoral. There was chaos everywhere. Thieves grew in number. Well, the king too had strayed from his path.

Now, God was watching all this from heaven. He disliked what he saw. He wanted to teach those people a lesson. So, he disguised himself as a forester and took a fierce dog with him to the kingdom.

The dog barked so terribly outside the kingdom that the people got terrified and ran helter-skelter in fear.

The king ran out to see what the entire ruckus was about. He saw the forester standing with his dog.

The fierce look of the dog scared the king too. The forester said to the king, “My dog is hungry and will eat everyone who has sinned.”

The king got scared and so did the people. He begged for forgiveness.

Then, God revealed his true identity. The people as well as the king promised never to commit sin.

2. The Disciple’s Wife

(English Short Stories for Learning English)

Once, a teacher had a disciple who was from the countryside. He fell in love with a city girl and married her.

But after some days, the disciple found out that his wife was very moody. When she was in a good mood, she was very sweet to him but when she was in a bad mood, she insulted him.

The disciple was so disturbed that he stayed away from classes.

When he finally showed up, the teacher asked, “You have been away so long. What is the matter?”

He replied, “Sir, I am troubled by my wife’s behaviour.”

The teacher replied, “It is hard to understand why some people act the way they do. Accept your wife the way she is. Treat her in the same understanding way, whether she is kind or mean to you.”

The student followed the teacher’s advice. His wife’s behavior no longer upset him. His wife, too, changed her ways slowly due to her husband’s understanding ways.

3. The Brahmin and The Wise Ascetic

(English Short Stories for Learning English)

Once, an ascetic was taking a walk in the city when he saw something strange.

He saw a Brahmin running very fast with a very expensive piece of cloth in his hand.

The ascetic asked him, “My dear friend! Where are you going in such a hurry?”

The Brahmin replied, “Sir! I am going to the funeral ground to burn this cloth.”

The ascetic was surprised to hear this. He asked, “Why?”

The Brahmin replied, “Today morning, I saw that some rats were biting my cloth. I realised that this was a bad omen for me. I have to get rid of this cloth.”

The ascetic said, “You should not believe in such omens. The rats bit the cloth because they must have felt hungry.”

The Brahmin replied, “Oh! I never thought about that. Thank you for opening my eyes, Sir. From now on, I will not fall for such omens.”

4. The King’s Sacrifice

(English Short Stories for Learning English)

King Vessantara was very famous for his generosity.

When he was a baby, a young white elephant had been brought to the palace. The prince and the elephant grew up together. Many people said that the kingdom was prosperous because of the presence of the white elephant.

One day, Vessantara lent the elephant to the neighbouring kingdom because it was passing through a bad phase.

But the people of Vessantara’s kingdom were very angry at this. Vessantara was banished from the kingdom. While leaving, Vessantara gave away all his possessions.

Hearing of his charity, a poor Brahmin came to ask for Vessantara’s children to be his servants. Vessantara immediately gave away his beloved children.

God wanted to test Vessantara. He disguised himself as an old Brahmin and asked for Vessantara’s wife. Vessantara did not hesitate a moment and gave away his wife immediately.

This pleased God very much. He returned Vessantara’s wife, children and kingdom.

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