Husband’s Investigation | Tiny Love Story

This is the Tiny Love story. After many years of marriage, a woman thought about how she would feel if she left her husband and went away.

Tiny Love Story
Husband was calling to someone

As soon as these thoughts came, she took a paper and wrote on it, “Now I can not live with you anymore, I am bored with you, I am leaving home forever.”

She put that letter on the table and when it was time for her husband to come, she hid under the bed to see her reaction.

The husband came and read the letter on the table. After a while of silence, he wrote something at the bottom of the letter.

Then he started whistling of happiness, started singing songs, dancing and changing clothes.

During this time, He called someone with his phone and said, “Today I am completely free, maybe my foolish wife understood that she was not worthy of me. Today she left the house forever, now I am free to meet you. I am coming to you to meet you. Be ready to meet with me to the park in front of my house now.”

The husband came out after changing clothes.

The wife came out from under the bed with tearful eyes and with trembling hands read the line written at the bottom of the letter.

Her husband wrote in this ,”Legs are visible from under the bed. Make tea for me, till I am coming from the shop near the park with a cigarette.”

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