The King’s Advisors | Bedtime Story for Baby

This is the Bedtime story for baby. A king had five advisors. But these advisors gave wrong advice to the king for their personal gains.

One day, a learned Brahmin came to the king’s court. At that time, the advisors were discussing a case. The Brahmin quickly solved the case.

Bedtime story for baby
Bedtime story for baby

The king was very impressed by him and kept him as his advisor. The other advisors of the king became jealous of the Brahmin. Slowly, they started poisoning the king’s ears against the Brahmin till the king had been completely brainwashed.

From then, the king ignored the advice of the Brahmin. The Brahmin realised something was wrong.

One day, he overheard the advisors talking. One said, “Look, how we took care of the Brahmin. The king does not pay heed to his advice at all.”

While they conversed, the Brahmin quickly brought the king there and made him hear their conversation.

The king was shocked and immediately punished his advisors. Later, he apologized to the Brahmin.

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