The King Cobra and Ants | Short Animal Story

This is the animal story for kids. Once, there was a large cobra, who lived in a hole in the tree.

He ate frogs, lizards and birds’ eggs. All the small creatures were afraid of him. He would hunt them at night and creep into his hole in the morning. As he grew in size, he could no longer fit into the hole and had to look for a new home.

king cobra and ants image
king cobra and ants image

The cobra found a large hole in a banyan tree. But there was an anthill at the base of the tree.

He stood there and screamed, “King Cobra wants to live here. Leave this place at once.”

The animals and birds near by began to tremble with fear. But the ants were not scared. They had worked hard to build their home.

In no time, they came in thousands and swarmed around the cobra, attacking him. The cobra wriggled in pain and slithered away, never to return.

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