The Lion Short Story for Kids

This is the short lion story. There was a rich farmer. He had many cattle and sheep, and many acres of land.

But his land bordered a forest, and many small animals made their way into his land. But one day, a lion entered his farmyard.

lion short story picture
lion short story picture

The farmer slowly crept to the gates and locked them. Then he went and hid in his house.

The lion was angry since he was trapped. He went around killing and injuring the cattle. The farmer was scared.

He went to the backyard and opened the gates.

The lion reached the backyard while chasing the animals and escaped into the forest.

The farmer looked at the damage to his crops and animals, and began lamenting.

But his wife said, “Thank God; you’re alive. It’s your mistake that you punished the lion by locking him up.”

Moral of the Story – The Lion Short Story for Kids

Scaring away a thief is better than locking up and bringing harm upon oneself

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