The Treacherous Fox | Short Panchatantra Story in English

The Treacherous Fox is the Short Panchatantra Story in English. A donkey and a fox were wandering in the forest. They were good friends. They were too engrossed in chatting and were taken aback when they saw a lion near by. It was too late to turn around and run.

The Treacherous Fox
Fox Story in English

The fox had an idea. He said to the donkey, “Don’t worry. I’ll make friends with the lion.

Then he won’t harm us.” Then he went to the lion and said, “If you promise to spare my life, I will bring the donkey to you and you can kill him instead.”

The lion said, “As you say. You are clever!”

The fox came to the donkey and said, “Come along; the lion is our friend now.”

But the lion killed the donkey and ate him up.

Then he turned to the fox and said, “It’s your turn now,” and killed him too.

Moral of the Story – The Treacherous Fox

One should never deceive a friend. Treachery doesn’t pay

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