Trust Your Instinct Short Story

Trust Your Instinct” is the Parrot and Eagle story. An eagle king’s prime minister was a parrot. One day, the parrot was late for work.

The eagle asked him,’ “What is the matter?”

The parrot replied, “A hunter has set up a net near my nest. Already a crane and his family have been trapped in the net. I am thinking of making a new nest farther away.

trust your instinct image
Trust Your Instinct Image

But if I do that, I will have to resign as prime minister as I cannot fly so far every day.”

The eagle did not want to lose a good prime minister. So, he suggested, “You should just be a little careful. I am sure nothing will happen.” The parrot agreed.

However, the very next day he almost got caught in the hunter’s net!

Parrot thought, ‘I should have trusted my own instinct. By doing what the eagle asked me to do, I almost lost my life.”

Then, the parrot left and built a new nest far away.

Moral of the Story – Trust Your Instinct

Keep faith in your instinct

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