Sinbad Sailor Story | Very short Adventure Stories

This is the Sinbad Sailor Story. There was a very poor boy called Sinbad. To earn money, He went on the sea ship with sailors.

One day, unfortunately, The hurricane came into the sea and the ship drowned.

Sinbad reached an island flowing with a lath.

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He was hungry. To find food, he climbed high on dates trees and looked around. Suddenly He saw something like a big egg far away.

sinbad story
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As soon as he reached near to the egg, a big bird came and caught him in his claw and started flying.

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With the fear of falling, Sindbad caught the foot of the bird and started flying.

The bird took him to the valley of diamond whose legend he had heard from the sailors. There were many snakes protecting those diamonds.

Seeing the glowing valley, Sindbad was very surprised to see. He quickly filled the diamond in his pockets. While dodging large snakes, He grabbed the foot of a flying bird.

With the help of a bird, He reached an island. Fortunately there he met his sailor friend. Sinbad came to Baghdad with his sailor friend and started spending life happily.

Moral of the Story – Sinbad Sailor Story

Opportunities are hidden in difficulties.

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