Lion and Deer Short Story | Jungle Story

This is the Lion and Deer short story. A deer lived in a dense forest. He was very fickle. He used to go to a hill every day, in search of food.

One day a deer’s foot slipped from the hill. But he thanked God because he fell on the grass. He didn’t get hurt. Read also The Lion and The Cows Story.

But hearing the sound of his fall, the lion sleeping in the cave, at the bottom of the hill, woke up. 

The deer got frightened seeing the lion standing just some distance away.

Deer immediately started running.

Because if he doesn’t run, in a few moments he would become food for the lion. Read also Ungrateful Lion

After some time, the lion started running to catch the deer.

The deer ran fast, but the lion was faster than the deer.

This cycle continued for some time, then both of them started getting tired.

The deer started thinking about its death. He decided to give up, but then he thought, (gasp) “Just run for a while, my life will be saved”.

Deer ran for about 10 seconds, with all his efforts. Read also Lion and Mouse Story

By that time the lion was tired and stopped. In this way, the life of the deer was saved.

Deer saved his life. The deer was happy again.

Moral of the Story – Lion and Deer Short Story

There is only a slight difference between a winner and a loser. Both work very hard but the winner works a little harder. So when you feel that you are going to lose, do a little more hard work. Maybe victory is just two steps away.

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