5+ Best Study Table for Students under Rs 10000

It is really good to see that you are looking to buy the best study table. If you are a student and searching for the Best Study Table For Students

It is really good to see that you are looking to buy the best study table. If you are a student and searching for the Best Study Table For Students under Rs 10000, then you are in the right place. Nowadays, students are getting various projects and works that need to be completed before timelines to score a good academic rating.

Sometimes, it is uncomfortable to study at home as there is no proper organized place and setting arrangement. With the free availability of data online, Laptop is also necessary for students to attend online classes and research work.

At home, excessive sitting in bed for the study also creates backache problems and other students’ health issues. It is not healthy to study in bed for long hours. If you are planning to buy a study table due to a similar type of issue at home, we will let you know our list of best study tables for a student under Rs 10000, which you can buy.

Before buying any study table, we should first ask the below questions from ourselves so that we can decide to purchase a suitable study table as per our requirements.

  • Why is the study table required for me?
  • How much does a study table cost?
  • What should be included in a study table?
  • What should be the ideal study table size? should be the ideal study table size?
Study Table for Students
Study Table for Students Questions

You should need to identify the answer to the above questions to have clarity while searching for available options. Below we will try to identify the response to the above asking. Read also Best 5 Benefits of Learning Music for Kids You’ve Neverheard

1. Why is the study table required for me?

Identifying the purpose of buying a study table will help to drive the right decision. Usually, it is considered that student daily spent around 4 to 5 hours to study at home. Hence, sitting for long hours requires a proper sitting arrangement, which is not possible in bed and sofa.

If you are a student and sticks around 4-5 hours to study at home daily, then you should have a suitable study table with chair at home.

If you attend classes online, you must have a laptop then, it is advisable to have a study table and desk to use a laptop with proper sitting.

On the other hand, if you don’t devote longs hours in a study at home, you can skip buying a study table as it would be a total wastage of money and it will also take space at home.

It has also been observed that proper sitting in a chair and study table improves students’ focus and concentration in their studies.

2. How much does a study table for student cost?

The study table’s price range starts from somewhere around INR 2,000.00 to INR 15000.00 and can go higher as well. The price of the study table is based upon the below factors –

Factors are to be considered

  • Brand
  • Size of Study Material
  • Type of Material Used

You can also go for the custom build where you need to hire a carpenter at a low cost and provide material as per your requirement, which may cost you less, and you have surety of quality. You can also design a study table with storage or a study table with bookshelf custom-built.

A branded study table for adults may cost you high, but they also offer a warranty with their products and available in various colors and materials.

The majority of students prefer wooden study tables made up of Teak wood, Rosewood, Sal wood, Marandiwood, etc.

3. What should be included in a study table for student?

Be specific towards your requirement and features that are as per your requirement. If you need drawers in the study table, it may cost you more than the study table has no drawers. Hence it is important to identify in advance the features that are you require.

If you are buying the expensive study table, then you should also ensure that there should be efficient storage for keeping your study materials. It must have drawers and a keyboard tray. It would be good if you go to the study table with drawer so that you can store your study material.

Portability is also a keep factor for buying the study table for students for home studies. Some tables have a feature to get folded and disconnected from joints, which easily mobilizes the table.

4. What should be the size of the study table for student?

Dimensions are also required to measure for the right study table. The study table’s ideal height should be between 26 to 30 inches, as it ensures a comfortable setting position.

If your study table height is not ideal, you can include a chair with a height adjustment mechanism to solve your problem. If you are looking to buy for your kids, you can go for kids desk with chair. Study desks are comfortable for school kids.

While purchasing a study table for kids, ensure that the study tabletop should be wider so that you will have enough space to carry a couple of books and a computer as well.

Avoid buying a small study table that can’t carry a couple of books and even a laptop.

Small Room

If you have a small room then a linear-shaped study table for students is advisable to save space. You can also opt for a wall-mounted table.

Large Room

More space means more liberty while choosing the best study table for students. You can go for buying different study table designs. You can look for a large U-shaped and L-shaped study table and chair where the price is not the constraint.

We have identified the 5+ best study tables for students available online to buy. You can see below our recommendations for the best study tables for kids/students.

Deckup Giona Office Table and Study Desk

The most affordable and top-rated study table for adults and students is from Deck up Giona. It comes in Dark Wenge and walnut color. These kid’s study table comes made-up of 25mm tabletop thickness. It contains a drawer with a locker.


  • Product Dimensions: L*W*H (46 Inches / 116 CMs) * (22 Inches / 57 CMs) * (29 Inches / 73 CMs)
  • Primary Material Used: Engineered Wood
  • Color: It comes in Dark Wenge, Finish: Matte Finish
  • Assembly Required: The table requires normal assembly and having a manual with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) instructions

INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study Desk, Foldable Laptop/Office Table (Dark Walnut – 67.5cm x 56cm) – 100% Made in India

Another study table is from the brand Invisible Bed. It comes in black color with walnut finish. It is suitable for a small room as you can easily mount in-wall and save your space. It can easily foldable study table.

It is made in India product. You can adjust the standard height of the study table before mounting on the wall.


  • Product Dimensions: The dimensions of the study table is 67.50 c.m x 56.00 c.m (26.60 x 22.00 inches).
  • Primary Material: Material used is high-quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly Required: The table is pre-assembled along with the wall mountable brackets.


A study table is a need to increase focus in the study for students. After the COVID 19, Most of the professional companies are also promoting work from home. Hence it also creates to buy study table for the home office purposes.

We believe the above recommendations and ideas will help you buy a suitable study table according to your requirements. If you have more ideas and suggestions for buying a new study table, mention it in the below comment box.

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