Woman and Mosquito Short Story

This is the Short story about mosquito. Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? They drink your blood?

It was from a long time ago. Tom and his wife Nham lived in a village in Vietnam.

Short Story About Mosquito

Short story about mosquito
Nham turned into Mosquito

Tom used to farm and his wife reared silkworms. Tom was a hard worker, but Nham aspired for all the luxuries in life.

One day Nham suddenly fell ill. Tom was working in the fields at the time. When he returned home, he found that Nham was no longer in this world.

Tom knelt down and prayed to God. Then he heard a voice from the sky asking him to take Nham’s body to a huge hill situated in the middle of the sea.

After traveling for several days, Tom reached that hill with Nham’s body and took it to a beautiful flower garden and laid the dead body. His eyelids were blinking with tiredness when suddenly a great man with white hair and eyes shining like stars appeared there.

The great man told Tom that he should be his disciple and live in peace at this place. But Tom said that he loves his wife Nham very much and cannot live without her.

The great man was very pleased to know Tom’s wish. He said that he should cut off his finger and sip three drops of blood on Nham’s body. Tom did the same. Then magic happened.

Naham sat up as soon as the drops of blood fell. Then the great man warned Nham that if she did not become honest and hardworking, she would have to face punishment.

Saying this the great man suddenly disappeared from there. Tom and Nham got on the boat and left. On the way, they stopped the boat at the edge of a village. Tom went to buy some food and drink.

Nham was sitting in the boat waiting for Tom to return. Just then a huge equipped boat came to him. The owner of that boat was a rich man. He invited Nham to come on his boat and have tea.

When the tea was over, the Amir praised Nham for her beauty and proposed marriage to her. He also promised that he would keep her as the only queen of his palace.

Nham’s dream was to become a rich woman, with many servants in her service. She readily agreed to the proposal of the rich. When Tom returned from the village after buying things, an old sailor told him the whole story.

Tom was furious at Nham’s deceit. He immediately left for the house of the rich man. Within a few days he reached there. Arriving at his palace, he prayed to a servant that he wanted to meet the owner of the palace.

Then suddenly Nham came to the garden to pluck flowers and was surprised to see Tom there. She told Tom that she was very happy here and didn’t want to go anywhere. Tom said that he didn’t want to take her back at all.

He has come to get back three drops of his blood. Give it back to him. Bus! Nham was very happy with this, ‘Let us get rid of it only by giving three drops of blood.’

Saying this she immediately pricked the thorn of a rose in one of her fingers and started dripping blood on Tom’s arm. As the third drop of blood fell, Nham’s body began to shrink and she transformed into a female mosquito.

That was the punishment for Nham. The female mosquito began to hover over Tom’s head, whispering and saying, ‘Give me the blood! I apologize, I beg your pardon!’ Since then, female mosquitoes have been chirping around men to drink blood.

Moral of the Story – Woman and Mosquito Short Story

Cheating leads us to death

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