Little Bird | Story on Values

This is the story on values. Once upon a time, There was a dense forest, in which all kinds of small and big animals and birds were home. A small bird also lived by making a nest on a tree in the same forest.

Story on Values
Little Bird in the forest fire

One day a huge fire broke out in that forest. There was an uproar in all the creatures. Everyone started running for their lives. The tree on which the little bird used to live was also caught in the fire. She too had to leave her nest.

But she did not panic after seeing the forest fire. She immediately went to the river and filled her beak with water and returned to the forest. After sprinkling water in the fire in the beak, she again went towards the river.

In this way, by filling water in her beak from the river, she started pouring it into the forest fire again and again.

When the rest of the animals saw her doing this, they started laughing and said, “Hey bird queen, what are you doing? You are extinguishing the forest fire with a beak full of water. Quit stupidity and run for your life. The forest fire will not be extinguished like this.”

Hearing their words, the little bird said, “If you want to run away, then run. I will not run. This forest is my home and I will do my best to protect my home. Even no one will support me.”

Hearing the bird, the heads of all the animals bowed in shame. He realized his mistake. Everyone apologized to the little bird and then started trying to extinguish the fire in the forest with him. Eventually their hard work paid off and the forest fire was extinguished.

Moral of the Story – Little Bird | Story on Values

No matter how big the calamity, Never give up without trying.

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