Peter Pan Story For Kids

This is the Peter Pan Story For Kids. Once in London, There lived three children: Wendy, John, and Michael.

One night Peter Pan and the fairy Tinker Bell flew into the house through the window.

Wendy was surprised. Peter Pan said he came to get his shadow back.

Wendy helped him tie his shadow back to his shoes.

Peter Pan Story For Kids

Peter Pan Story For Kids

Peter Pan told Wendy that he was living in Neverland, A dreamland for children who lost their parents.

Peter Pan invited Wendy and her brothers to come to Neverland with him.

With Tinker Bell’s magical fairy dust, they could fly!

Besides the lost boys, there were also bad pirates and their captain, Captain Hook, in Neverland.

When Wendy and her brothers were wandering around Neverland, Captain Hook captured them.

Peter Pan flew to Captain Hook’s pirate ship to save them just in time.

He started a sword fight with Captain Hook.

“Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!”

At that moment, A ticking sound was heard from below.

It was coming from an alligator that once swallowed Captain Hook’s arm and his watch.

“Clang! Clash! Clang! Clash!”

After a long fight, Captain Hook fell off the ship from Peter Pan’s finishing stroke.

The alligator waiting there immediately swallowed him.

At last, The children returned home to London, leaving Peter Pan to his everlasting boyhood.

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