The Little Mermaid Short Story I Sad Love Story

This is the little mermaid short story. There once lived a King of the sea Kingdom. He had six daughters all beautiful mermaids.

Princess Ariel, the youngest daughter was, very curious. When Ariel was 15 years old, she went up to the surface of the water.

She saw a handsome young Prince standing on the deck of a ship. Read also Goldilocks and Three Bears Story

The Little Mermaid Short Story

Little Mermaid Short Story

She fell in love with him. One stormy night, the young Prince fell off the ship. Ariel saved his life but Prince didn’t know that.

Back home, Ariel missed him a lot. You may also like Little Red Riding Hood

But there was no way for a mermaid to love a human. She went to the witch and begged for help.

The witch gave Ariel human legs but Ariel had to give up her voice. Moreover, Ariel would become bubbles if the Prince married another woman.

She came back up on land as a beautiful human girl. She was found by the Prince and invited to the palace.

In Palace, The Prince was going to marry the Princess of a neighboring country.

Ariel was very sad but couldn’t say anything. The night before the wedding, Ariel’s mermaid sisters appeared.

They gave her a knife telling her to kill the Prince.

Ariel went into the Prince’s room with the knife but she couldn’t kill him.

She turned into bubbles. This was the sad love story of a mermaid who loved a Prince.

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