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The White Cat Fairy Tale is the story of Prince and a white cat who was the Queen of a magnificent castle. The Cats in fairy tales were commanded by the white cat

This is the White Cat Fairy Tale. Once upon a time, there was a King. The King had three sons. All three sons were very intelligent and powerful. The King loved his three children very much.

One day, Some courtiers informed the King that his sons were excited to get his crown. But the King had no intention of renouncing his responsibility.

The White Cat Fairy Tale

The King made a plan. The King called his sons and said to them, “My dear sons, I am getting old now. Now our kingdom needs a new king who will take over this kingdom.”

To find out which of the three of you will be King, I have three tasks for you. Each task will take a year. In the next three years, we will get a new heir to the state. The three princes looked excited and happy on hearing this from the king.

The King gave his first task in which they were to find the world’s smallest dog puppy. The King’s three sons set out in search of a puppy. The three princes went far in search of the smallest puppy.

Both the elder sons faced major challenges and struggles, But the journey of the youngest son was somewhat different.

During the journey, The younger Prince arrived at a very large and magnificent palace. When he went inside that palace, He saw many cats and the queen of those cats was a little white cat.

The White Cat Fairy Tale

The White Cat Story

The White Cat invited the Prince to her palace and welcomed him.

The younger Prince spent his entire one year living there. The work of the King was now going to be a year and the prince was saddened to find that he could not find the world’s smallest puppy. Prince told this to a White Cat.

The beautiful White Cat gave a small hazelnut to the Prince and said that inside it there is the smallest puppy in the world, you should show it to your father but remember you do not open it on the way, go straight to the court and open it in front of everyone.

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When the Prince arrived at his King’s court and presented a Hazelnut. All the courtiers started laughing at the younger prince. But as soon as they opened the hazelnut, a small puppy came out of it. The puppy was the Miniature puppy in the world. In this way, the little prince succeeded in his first task.

The King gave them a next task, according to which, They had to bring the best muslin cloth of the world. As before, the two great Princes left the palace to travel. But the youngest prince returned straight to a White Cat’s palace. He spent the whole year enjoying happiness at White Cat’s castle. When the year was almost over, He told the White Cat about his King’s task. 

The White Cat gave the hazelnut to Youngest Prince, and told the Prince that there is a velvet cloth inside it and you go to the court and break it there only. The Prince happily took the hazelnut and reached the court.

When the youngest Prince reached the King’s court and broke the hazelnut in front of everyone, a muslin cloth came out of it, which was very fine. Seeing all this, the King was pleased with his youngest son.

Now the King gave his third and last task, in which the three princes were to bring the most beautiful princess in the world. The youngest prince spent one more year with the white cat. This time, the youngest prince felt that he would not be able to find the most beautiful princess in the world and the white cat would not be able to help her this time.

While exiting the palace of white cat, He told white cat that I had to go out to find the prettiest princess.

The cat told the prince that you cut off my head. The prince was unable to understand anything now, but the prince did as the white cat had said. As soon as he beheaded a white cat, she turned into a beautiful princess. The prince was surprised and kept looking at the beautiful princess.

Image | Cat in Fairy Tale

The princess told the prince that an evil witch had cursed me and today you freed me from her. Thank you for freeing me. The princess said that I am the heir of 7 kingdoms so take me to your father.

Now the prince arrived in the court with the world’s most beautiful princess. As soon as the princess entered the court, the King was surprised to see them.

The King was tempted not to leave his kingdom, so he began to think of assigning other tasks to the princes.

The princess understood the behavior of the Ling and she said, can I speak in front of you, your Majesty. I am the heir of 7 kingdoms and I can see that you are a great outstanding King. You do not need to leave your kingdom.

You don’t even need to decide who is the most beautiful princess in the world?

I shall give one each kingdom to both elder princes and the remaining kingdoms will remain with the youngest prince and myself.

The King was very happy to hear this and accepted it. In this way, the three princes got their own kingdom and the King did not need to leave his kingdom.In this way They continued to spend their life in happiness.

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