How to celebrate Indian Independence Day during a lockdown?

As India is recently recovering from the 2nd wave of Covid, then it is necessary for citizens to be careful while celebrating any festivals and occasions.

In India, 15 August of every year is observed as Independence Day of India and it is the day of patriotism for everyone. There is a holiday on that day..

This year if you are planning an outing.. then WAIT!

As we are in the situation of Pandemic and with lots of efforts we have recovered from the 2nd wave in the last few months.

It will be great if you celebrate independence day at home this year.

Now if you are thinking about How to celebrate Indian Independence Day during a lockdown? Then we have a few suggestions for you which will make your holiday more entertaining and motivate you with pride and patriotism.

There are various festivals that are about to come in the month of August like Independence day, Onam, Raska Bandh, and Janmashtami. Usually, cultural programs are organised at these festivals. But it is also important for citizens to keep themself away from crowded places and cultural programs as it may lead to the separation of Covid-19.

6 Activities You can do on the eve of Independence day 2021

To hoist a flag at home

If you live in a colony then you can celebrate the floating float in the morning with the small group of people in a colony.

In this year the schools are not open, in such a way that children remain at home, then you will be together with them in the colony. After the Prime Minister’s float, you can float in your colony. Also, keep a small program for children so that everyone can enjoy it. Ensure to make social distance and obey the guidelines issued for covid-19.

Kite Flying with Kids and Family on 15 August

Everyone does kite flying on the occasion of Independence Day, in such a way, you can do this year.

Kite flying is also an important part of Independence Day, in fact, in 1927 freedom Fighters opposed the British through kites for the first time and wrote on every kite, ‘Simon Go Back’. At that time, the kite had been flown to oppose the British Raj, since then, till today people have accompanied this vogue.

Enjoy time with family

You can spend some time with your family as people don’t have any time to spend quality time with family. As there is a national holiday on that day, you can share your story of childhood days with your kids and family members.

You can tell the story of the freedom fighters and their struggle with kids and family and make them aware of the value of freedom.

Cook good food with family

Delicious food is the backbone of every celebration of festivals in India. You can join your family members to cook a delicious lunch or dinner.

Cooking with family also helps in spending quality time and improves bonding within the family.

Patriotic films to watch

On Independence Day, you can watch movies about free fighters. It is the right way to learn and understand the sacrifices of freedom fighters.

You can also watch movies on Indian armies, navy and airforce to learn their bravery and victory stories.

Games on video conference

Nowadays, all are connected via. Online. You can play games with your friends and relatives over the video conference. There are various games like Antakshri, Dumb Charades and online games etc.

In antakshari, you can make a rule to sing only patriotic songs.

So these are the above activities you can do at home and save your family and yourself. Independence day is the festival of love and symbolises patriotism within us.


If we give our little contribution and obey the rules and policies which are drafted for our protection then also we can build our nation. Small contributions of each individual create an aggregate of the growth of nation-building.

Hope you can have many suggestions and have no doubt on How to celebrate Indian Independence Day during a lockdown?

Please comment below on how you are going to celebrate independence day 2021 at home.

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