True Friends Story in English – 2 Soldiers

This is a true friends story in English. This is the story of 2 brave friends who were in the army and serving their country.

In a small village, There were 2 best friends. Both wanted to serve the country by joining the army.

Both achieved their dream and were recruited into the army..

Very soon..They both also got an opportunity to serve the country.

True Friends Story in English

Soon..War broke out and both were sent to battle to serve the nation.

Going there, both bravely faced the enemies.

One friend was badly injured during the battle.

When another friend heard about him, he wasn’t able to control himself and ran quickly to protect his injured friend.

Suddenly his captain stopped him and said, “There is no point in going there now.”

By the time you reach there, your friend will be one more.” You will risk your life as well.

He did not agree with his captain.

But he ignored him and left the place to save his injured friend.

When he reached back to his camp, He had a friend on his shoulder. But his friend was not alive.

Seeing this, the captain said, “I told you that there’s no use going there. You could not bring your friend safely. Your effort was useless.”

The soldier replied, “No sir, I was not in vain to go there to pick him up.

When I reached near to him, he smiled and looked at me, he said – My friend, I believed that you would come for me..

..These were his last words to me.

I could not save him. But the faith he had in me and our friendship, I saved that faith.”

Moral of the Story – True Friends Story in English

True friends never leave their friend’s side till the last moment

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