The Teeny-Tiny Woman Halloween Story

This is the classic Halloween story. Once upon a time a teeny-tiny woman lived in a teeny-tiny house.

One nice day, the teeny-tiny woman went for a teeny-tiny walk. You may like A Witch in a Bottle Halloween Night Story

The teeny-tiny woman walked a teeny-tiny way.

She opened a teeny-tiny gate. she want into a teeny-tiny graveyard.

teeny tiny woman halloween story
Teeny tiny woman Halloween story

In the teeny-tiny graveyard, the teeny-tiny woman saw a teeny-tiny bone on a teeny-tiny grave.

The teeny-tiny woman said, “This teeny bone will make a teeny-tiny soup for my teeny-tiny supper.”

The teeny-tiny woman put the teeny-tiny bone into her teeny-tiny pocket.

She went back to her teeny-tiny house. Read also Scarecrow Boy Scary Internet Story

When she got home, the teeny-tiny woman was sleepy.

So she went to upstairs to her teeny-tiny bedroom.

She put the teeny-tiny bone into a teeny-tiny cabinet.

The teeny-tiny woman got into her teeny-tiny bed and went to sleep.

A teeny-tiny voice woke up the teeny-tiny woman.

Give me my bone” it said. You may like What is the Origin of Halloween Story

The teeny woman was a teeny-tiny bit scared.

She hid her teeny head under the covers and went to sleep again.

The teeny-tiny voice woke up the teeny-tiny woman again.

“Give me my bone!” it said, a teeny-tiny bit louder. Read also Grand Father’s Eye Short Scary Stories

The teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny bit more scared.

So she hid her head a teeny-tiny bit more under the covers.

Then the teeny-tiny voice said, a teeny-tiny bit louder still.

“Give me my bone!”. Read also Where’s My Mummy A Scary Night Story

This time the teeny-tiny woman stuck her head out and said, “Take it!” and through teeny-tiny bone out of the window.

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