Father and Son Story on Human Values

This is the story on human values. There was a moneylender named Tularam in a village. He was very hardworking. He would wake up at 5 in the morning and first go to the Shiva temple, after that he used to go to his fields, to the warehouse and then to his buffalo’s shed.

Due to his hard work, his work was going well, due to which he became richer. One day, Tularam went to pick up his son Ramu early in the morning so that he too would go to work with him and learn the work.

But he did not get up due to laziness after which Tularam left. Similarly, whenever Tularam used to go to awake up Ramu, he used to fall asleep again after making some excuse.

Tularam was doing his work diligently in the same way. One day Tularam fell ill. He was very ill for a few days after which he died. Even after the death of Tularam, his son used to sleep till late as before.

Due to this habit of his, gradually there was a loss in business and all that Tularam had earned was gone. Seeing all this, Tularam’s wife called Ramu and said that there is a lot of loss in our business.

Do something to make it right. Ramu said to his mother, I do not know business, what can I do in this. Ramu’s mother said that your maternal grandfather lives in another village. You go to them and learn some business tricks from them.

Ramu did the same. He went to another village the next day to meet his maternal grandfather. He told maternal grandfather about the loss in business. He advised Ramu to wake up at 5 in the morning and go first to the Shiva temple, then to the fields, godown and then to the buffalo shed.

As per the advice of his maternal grandfather, Ramu got up at 5 in the morning and started going everywhere. After doing this for a few days, all the people working in his business started thinking that the owner now comes every day. So that they stopped scamming.

Due to this, his business started running well again and became like before. Seeing this Ramu’s mother was very happy and she sent Ramu to thank his maternal grandfather. Because of whom all this happened.

Ramu went to his maternal grandfather’s house to thank him. His maternal grandfather said to Ramu, you used to be lazy earlier, due to which there was a loss in business. Now you have stopped laziness due to which your business started running again. Now Ramu had understood this.

Moral of the Story – Village Dog and Pet dog

We should never be lazy. Laziness hurts just as Ramu had to suffer from it earlier

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