Servant Story in English

This is the servant story in English. Once upon a time, in a small town in Tamil Nadu, there was a rich man who had a funny story to share. Are you ready for a fun tale?

This rich man was excited because he had bought two big, juicy mangoes. He planned to share them with his friend who was coming over. These mangoes were so huge that they looked like they were just waiting to be eaten with a cup of hot coffee.

Now, meet Ramu, who was the rich man’s helper. He had a special job that day – to cut those delicious mangoes into slices and make two cups of coffee for his master and the friend who was visiting.

But here’s where the funny part begins. Ramu couldn’t resist the temptation. He thought, “Hmm, just a tiny taste won’t hurt.” So, he took a bite. And oh my, it was so sweet and yummy! He couldn’t stop at just one bite. Before he knew it, both mangoes were gone!

Ramu realized he had a big problem. He was sure his master would be very angry when he found out that both mangoes had disappeared. But Ramu was a clever thinker. He needed a plan.

Ramu rushed to his master and told him, “Sir, the knife I used to cut the mangoes is so blunt. It won’t work for cutting anything else. We need to sharpen it right away!”

His master, not suspecting a thing, got to work sharpening the knife. While his master was busy with the knife, Ramu quietly slipped out of the house.

Outside, Ramu saw his master’s friend coming. This was his chance to have some fun. He stopped the friend and asked, “Hey, did you and my master have a fight recently?” Ramu made up a funny story about how his master got upset because he accidentally wore the friend’s slippers the day before. Ramu told the story with lots of drama, making it sound like his master was really mad.

The friend got curious and decided to take a look. He peeked through a window and saw the master sharpening a knife. That scared him, and he ran away as fast as he could.

Ramu then hurried back to his master, pretending to be worried. “Master! Your friend took both the mangoes and ran away!” he exclaimed.

The master, now very confused, chased after his friend with the sharpened knife, but the friend was too quick. When he returned home, he realized what had happened and thanked Ramu for telling him the truth.

To celebrate their funny adventure, the master bought even more big, juicy mangoes and gave them to Ramu as a gift. They both enjoyed those mangoes with big smiles on their faces.

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