5 Family Bonding Activities | How to Bond With Your Baby

In today’s covid scenario, You are concerned on “How to Bond with your baby?”..where Family bonding activities can play a vital role. Most of the parents are working from home where you have to manage your work from home, alongwith giving quality time to your kids.

In many parts of India and around the world, children are attending classes from home to help in decreasing the expansion of the new Coronavirus and Covid 19. Staying at home is changing the life pattern of children. It is the crucial time to raise the kids with different ways like give them home chores and appreciate for good work etc.

During Covid, Kids are having classes online hence most of the time they spend at home. They will be requiring more care to avoid the situation of tantrums and meltdowns.

Parents are required to work for building positive relationships with your child. In this article, we are going to share 5 family bonding activities to develop a bond with your baby.

5 Family Bonding Activities to Bond With Your Baby

Pull Out a Puzzle

Playing Puzzle games is a great interactive parent-child activity because you solve the puzzle with your kids.

You can use simple puzzle games with your kids as it can easily be solved in a single sitting. It not only improves the child’s intelligence but it acts to build trust between you and your kid.

It’s better to have a puzzle game in your home and your entire family can play together including your little ones.

Read together

Reading a book can be another activity to bond with your child. Reading is a good habit and if you encourage your kids to develop a habit to read books then it helps in reducing stress, sharpening memory, improving vocabulary, and increasing IQ.

Encourage your kid to read a book and this is the right time to sit with your kid in a cozy chair and enjoy reading the book together instead of leaving them to watch TV or playing video games throughout the day.

Read a book doesn’t help only in enhancing reading skills but simultaneously creating good memories as well.

For older kids, You can read a book together and initiate an interactive discussion about the topic.

Art and crafts

The use of Art and crafts is another way to bond with your baby. If your kids are creative and like to color then encourage them to craft new things.

Your involvement as a team while drawing or coloring is the best way to spend a good time with your kids. On the other hand, It boasts team spirit skills in your kid.

It improves the creativity of kids and gives them a chance to portray their imagination on paper.

Go on terrace Walk

As we are currently in lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak, it is better to avoid outside but if you have a terrace or roof then you can go for a walk with your kid.

It is really frustrating for your kid to be stuck in 4 walls the whole day instead it’s good to have a walk to your roof or terrace with your kid.

You can also do terrace or roof gardening with your kid which makes them engage in learning gardening and developing the discipline required in planting

Watch Night Movie 

Children love to watch movies. If you are with your kid at home then you can add more excitement into their life by hosting a movie for your kids.

You should be aware of the interest of your kid means what they like to watch?

You should sit with your kids and try to understand the movies and cartoons they mostly like to watch.

You must keep a stock of popcorn and create a cinema illusion by dimming the lights.

It’s very important for parents to maintain a work-life balance. You should also let your kids know how much you love them. Always encourage your kids to share their feelings with you and this can only be possible if you listen and give time to them.

Make them realize how important they are in your life? It will help in building positive relationships with your child.

We hope with these 5 Family bonding activities, you are able to get answers on How to bond with your baby? Let us know on comment what you do to develop a bond with your kids and if you like an article then do share it with your family and friends.

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