Elephant and Ant Story in English

This is the Elephant and Ant Story in English. Once There was a forest where an elephant and an ant lived with other animals.

The elephant was the strongest in the forest and all the other animals were afraid of him. The elephant was very proud of its strength. He used to consider everyone in the forest as inferior to him.

Elephant and Ant Story in English
Elephant and Ant Story in English

Once an elephant was searching for food in the forest. He looked at the Parrot on a tree and said, “I am the strongest in this forest.” You should salute me.

The parrot said to the elephant, I will not salute you. Nobody is bigger than anyone in this forest.

On hearing this, the elephant became enraged and he angrily picked up the tree in which the parrot was sitting with his trunk and uprooted it. There was a parrot’s nest in the tree which fell down into the ground and broke and then the elephant proudly went from there.

Once the elephant went to the pond to drink water as usual. An ant also lived in a pit near the same pond. Read also The Lion and The Cows Story

The elephant used to harass the ant every day and make fun of it. The ant was very upset with the elephant.

Once the ant was working and brought a big sugar cube into the pit.

Elephant saw an ant and said an Ant !! What are you doing?…

..The ant cheered and said that the rainy season is coming and I am collecting food so that there is no shortage of food during the rainy season.

The elephant started making fun of the ant and he filled water from the pond in his trunk and threw it over the ant.

Due to this ant’s sugar cube broke out. The ant got very angry over the elephant but the ant went away from there.

Ant was thinking that one day, she will teach a lesson to the elephant.

Once the elephant was sleeping near the river. The ant saw the elephant sleeping. The ant thought that the elephant has slept today, why not take revenge on the elephant today.

The ant comfortably entered the elephant’s trunk and started biting with her teeth.

The elephant awoke from his sleep. The elephant started hurting a lot.

In a pain, The elephant said, who is biting me, I am feeling very pain inside my trunk. Leave ME!! Leave ME!!

The elephant is shouting very loudly !! Help!!. I have a lot of pain. Leave me for god’s sake..

When the ant heard the elephant’s painful voice, the ant quickly came out of the elephant’s trunk.

The elephant said forgive me, I will not bother you from today.

Saying that the elephant went away from there.

Since that day, the elephant has not disturbed any animal in the forest.

Moral of the Story – Elephant and Ant Story in English

Never make fun of anyone. We should not vanity of our skills.

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