11+ Best Christmas Stories for Kids

Christmas Stories for Kids : Christmas is one such festival which is probably celebrated by most of the people of the world.

The festival of Christmas has also blended completely with the diverse culture of world. For centuries, this festival has been spreading happiness to people and setting an example of love and harmony.

christmas stories for kids
christmas stories for kids

There are various famous stories behind the Christmas festival. You may have heard many Christmas short stories for kids. Christmas is the eve where people start preparation for the Christmas in the beginning of December.

Santa is the creature who presume to give gift to children and fulfil their wishes. People love to buy Christmas tree and decorate it with various gems and stars etc.

Parents tell classic Christmas stories to their kids. Christmas is the time to tell Christmas short stories so that they can understand the importance of Christmas eve.

Short Christmas Stories With Morals

Here you will find the famous Christmas stories for kids which you can read with your children.

So let start Short Christmas stories for families.

1. Winter Season

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the Christmas short stories. Once upon a time, a little boy and a girl lived with their parents on the mountains.

The boy and the girl played in the snow during winters.

On Christmas Eve, their father made a snowman for them.

The snowman was very big. His eyes were made of buttons. The nose was made with wood.

The father put his old hat on his head. And an old muffler was put around his neck.

Now, the children played around the snowman every day. It seemed to be smiling at them.

After some time, the season changed to summer.

The sun shone bright in the sky and the snowman melted.

The children were very sad. Their father said, “Nature keeps changing. We should learn to enjoy all its beautiful seasons. Winter will come again and we will make another snowman.”

The children understood this. They enjoyed all the other seasons as much a Winter.

2. Special Christmas

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the heartwarming Christmas stories. Once upon a time, a mariner was far away from home. It was winter and it snowed heavily.

On Christmas Eve, he missed his family. He kept worrying about his family’s health.

Suddenly, he saw a bright flash of light. An angel appeared before him. She smiled at him and he saw his sweet wife and mother at home busy with Christmas decorations. They looked content and healthy. Then the vision faded.

The angel also disappeared. The mariner smiled and went off to sleep.

In his home, his mother and wife also saw a light through the kitchen window. There stood an angel. Read also The Doll House Christmas Story

Then they saw a picture. It was the mariner, sleeping and smiling, as if dreaming.

A letter was kept near his pillow. The next day, the wife received his letter. The angel had brought the family close.

For them the Christmas Eve had turned out to be very special.

3. The Three Sisters

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the classic Christmas stories. Once, there were three sisters named Beth, Dina and Jenny respectively.

Beth was the oldest. She was very wise and mature for her age. She always knew what was best for her and for others.

She took loving care of her sisters. Now, Christmas was around the corner. The three sisters wanted to give something to their mother for Christmas.

“What should we give mother?” asked Dina.

Beth kept thinking. She did not say anything. She was in deep thought.

Lola asked, “Beth, what do you think? What should we give her?”

Beth said, “I think mother once said she needed a new sewing machine.” So, the girls broke their piggy banks and bought a new sewing machine for their mother.

Beth had it gift-wrapped too and tied a ribbon around it.

When they gave the gift to their mother, she had tears of happiness in her eyes. She was very proud of her daughters.

4. First Snow

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the Christmas short stories. It was winter time, so there was snow everywhere.

The birds and the beasts were excited, for Christmas was on the way. But there was someone who had never seen snow before. It was a five-month-old deer,Dab.

He had hardly seen the world. It seemed there was white carpet everywhere.

He ran inside to mother and cried, “I cannot go out, because there is a big, white carpet over all the fields!” You may also like The Christmas Tree

Mother laughed and said, “It is just snow. Do not be afraid!” Dab said, “Can’t you come with me?”

Mother said, “I have to work in the house. Ask your friend.”

So, Dab put on his woolly coat, scarf and shoes. Then, he went to his friend’s house. Both had a wonderful time in the snow.

First, they had great fun with a snowball fight. Then, they built a snowman. It was very big.

The snow did not frighten Dab any more.

5. The Kind Girl

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the Inspirational Christmas Short Stories. There lived a little girl who had no one to support her. She had lost her parents.

On Christmas Eve, she only had some bread to eat. As she was walking on the road, a poor man asked her for food.

The girl gave him her bread. A little ahead, she found an old woman shivering with cold.

The girl gave away her shawl. Further on, she saw a sick girl. She gave away her mittens. Then, she saw a boy shivering with cold.

She pitied the poor boy and gave him her muffler.

Now, the girl herself started shivering. Suddenly, there were new clothes on her body.

God had been looking at the kind-hearted little girl.

There was a shower of gold coins from the sky as well.

The girl cried with joy and thanked God for looking over her.

She celebrated Christmas in a big way by inviting the poor to her house.

6. Peter Rewarded

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the touching Christmas stories. Peter was a very nice boy. He had only one desire. He wanted to have a bicycle of his own.

But his father was not rich enough to afford the bicycle.

On Christmas Eve, Peter was on his way to the market; he saw a boy on a bicycle.

As the boy was turning a corner, the cycle skidded on a puddle of water. The poor boy fell. He started crying. Read also The Shoemaker and Elves Christmas Tale

Peter immediately ran towards him. He helped him to get up. The boy was badly injured.

Peter first took him to a doctor. The doctor applied dressing to the wound.

After the boy was feeling all right, Peter helped him to reach his house.

The boy belonged to a rich family. The family was very grateful to Peter. They wanted to reward Peter.

They gladly presented the bicycle to Peter who had no words to say.

It was the happiest day for him.

7. The Prayer

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the Christmas stories for families. There was an intelligent boy, named John. He was very sad as his mother was unwell and too during Christmas time. He loved her dearly.

John wanted her to improve soon.

He recalled a story his mother had told him. In that story, a little boy had scraped the rust from the church bell so that his mother might recover from an illness.

John decided that he would do the same, hoping his mother would get well.

John went to the church early in the morning. He climbed up to the bell tower.

He was very sacred but scraped the rust from the bell. Then he came down.

He sat there crying. The pastor found him in this condition. He found out why John was unhappy.

Together, they prayed for the John’s mother.

His mother improved a lot by the time John reached home.

8. The Lovely Doll

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the Christmas bedtime stories. A man went to a store. He saw a little boy holding a lovely doll.

The man asked, “Are you going to buy this doll?”

The boy said, “I want to but do not have enough money. It is for my sister. She just knew that Santa would bring it.”

The man said, “Maybe Santa is going to bring it.”

The boy said, “No, Santa can’t go where my sister is. I have to give the doll to my Mamma to take to her.”

The man asked him where his sister was. The boy said sadly, “She is with Jesus.

My Daddy says that Mamma is also going to be with her.”

The man was shocked. Then, he asked the boy, “Shall we count your money again?”

The boy said ‘Yes’.

The man slipped his money in with the boy’s, and began to count. Of course, there was enough for the doll.

The boy said, ‘Jesus has heard my prayer.”

9. Essence of Christmas

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the true Christmas stories. Once upon a time, there was a poor boy. His father served in the army.

One day, he was called to fight in a war. Sadly, he was Killed in the war.

The boy and his mother were devastated by this news. They became poor with the passage of time.

So, the mother took up a job. She worked very hard so that her boy might continue his studies.

Time passed by. Now, the boy noticed that his mother had become very sad. He wanted to give her happiness.

Therefore, he saved some money for Christmas. He planned to buy her a gift. He knew that his mother did not have a warm stole.

So, he went to the market. He bought a lovely stole for his mother.

Seeing the stole, his mother hugged him tightly. She cried in joy.

This kind deed of the boy was indeed the real essence of Christmas.

10. The Candy Cane

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the short funny Christmas stories. The candy cane is a decorative item for Christmas. It is widely believed that the candy, which earlier was straight as a stick, was given its distinctive J-shape by a German choirmaster.

It is said that during service one evening, the children were very noisy.

To keep them quiet, he gave each of them a long, white, sugar candy stick.

Since giving candies at church was considered sacrilegious, he bent each of these sticks at one end to make it look like a shepherd’s cane. And thus, he attached a religious significance to them.

In Christianity, Jesus is regarded as the Good Shepherd, and so, the staff is considered to be a sacred symbol.

The staff also represents the shepherd who came to visit the infant Jesus.

The candy canes became popular when a German-Swedish immigrant in Wooster, Ohio, decided to string them on his Christmas tree as decorations.

Of course, now it is a popular tradition everywhere.

11. The Stork

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is the short story about Christmas with moral lesson. Many animals and birds had come to see the Baby Jesus in the stable. Some animals knelt humbly beside the infant.

Among them was long-legged stork with white feathers. He was moved by the sight of the Baby Jesus lying in the straw with no pillow to rest his head.

The bird had nothing to offer but his true empathy for Jesus made him give the ultimate gift to him.

He pulled feathers from his plumage and gave them to the child to be used as a pillow.

This was the best pillow that the baby could ask for.

Infant Jesus smiled with overwhelming gratitude and blessed the stork with undying glory.

Even today, storks are a symbol of birth and are considered indispensable to baby showers.

If one spots a stork flying or on the roof of a house, it is considered lucky as it thought as the patron of ‘babies’.

12. The Impatient Girl

(Christmas Stories for Kids)

This is one of the amazing Christmas stories. Once, a girl named Irene lived with her parents on a big farm.

Her father gifted her a lovely pony on Christmas. She was extremely happy. She wanted to ride.

But her father warned her saying, “The pony is naughty. Do not ride him alone. Also, you are not a good rider as yet. I promise I will take you for a ride tomorrow.

Irene was impatient but she did not say anything.

When everybody was asleep at night, she quietly went to the stable. Then, she took the pony out and tried to ride him.

But the unfriendly pony kicked her hard as she went to sit on him.

Irene fell on the ground. She started crying. She had broken her leg.

Now, she could not ride the pony for the next three months. Irene was ashamed that she had not listened to her father and her Christmas was spoilt.

Hope you have enjoyed all Christmas Stories for Kids. Make your Christmas more exciting by reading all your inspirational story. Let us know your favorite childhood Christmas stories on below comment.

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