The Hare and The Elephant Story

The Hare and The Elephant Story is the short fable for children. It was a hot summer. Waters in the lake had dried up. King Elephant called his subjects and said, “I know of a huge lake in another forest. Let’s go there.”

They proceeded towards that forest and reached the lake after five nights.

The elephants were so excited at the sight of the water that they inadvertently trampled down a colony of rabbits and killed many of them.

short fable for children
short fable for children

Elephants used to march towards the lake every day and trampled the hare’s colony.

One day, a wise hare went to King Elephant and said, “Your Majesty, our mighty king, Moon, has forbidden you to drink the water of this lake.”

The hare carried the elephant to the lake through a long path.

By the time they reached the lake, the moon was shining in the sky.

The Hare, pointing to the reflection of the moon in the lake, said, “Our king is trembling with anger.”

King Elephant saw the trembling moon reflecting in waters and apologised to the hare before leaving the forest along with the other animals.

The hares lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story – The Hare and The Elephant Story

With our wisdom, We can solve our all problems.

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