7 Short Heart Touching Stories on Humanity for Kids

Humanity is the main ingredient in the life of mankind. We are here with 7 Short Heart Touching Stories on Humanity so that meaning of humanity can be spread and we can give value to each person in our life. Read also Boy’s Humanity Story in English

Heart Touching Stories on Humanity

Here you will read short heartwarming stories for kids so that we can understand about life and love.

Heart Touching Stories with Moral Values

Lets begin Short Inspiring Stories About Life and Love.

1. The Brave Prince

(Heart Touching Stories on Humanity)

This is the heart touching story. A prince was very kind and generous. He always used to distribute his wealth among the poor people.

One day, he decided to get more wealth. Now, he had heard about a gem which could fulfil everyone’s wishes. It was in a faraway land. Read also 1 Minute Stories with Moral Values

The prince set off to get the gem. It was a very long journey. Finally, the prince arrived there.

The people did not like him. However, he did not lose heart. He met the king. The king told him that his kingdom was in trouble.

A giant was troubling them. The prince said, “I will kill the giant but you will have to give me the gem in exchange.” The king agreed.

The prince fought with the giant and killed him. The king gave the prince the gem.

The prince came back to his kingdom. From then on, no one was poor or unhappy as the wish-fulfilling gem fulfilled everyone’s needs.

2. The Man with a Golden Heart

(Heart Touching Stories on Humanity)

This is the short story about god with moral lesson. There was a rich man. This rich man was very generous. He used to give alms to the poor. Nobody returned empty-handed from his doorstep. He became very famous because of his generous ways. The gods were seeing everything. They were very impressed by the rich man and his ways.

But the king of gods said, “Let us test him. Will he be as generous when he is poor?”

So, the Gods disguised themselves as thieves and robbed the rich man of his riches.

The rich man became very poor. One day, the king of gods came disguised as a beggar and begged for food. The rich man had only one piece of bread which he was eating. Read also Short Indian Mythological Stories

But, he quickly without hesitating gave it to the beggar. The king of gods was very happy the rich man. He immediately returned all his riches.

3. The King and the Ascetic

(Heart Touching Stories on Humanity)

This is the a short story on humanity. Once, a man became an ascetic. His wife happily accompanied him wherever he went. Many years passed by.

One day, a king was passing by where they lived. He was attracted to the ascetic’s wife.

The king thought of carrying her away. But first, he wanted to know what the ascetic would do if he took the wife away.

In order to examine the powers of the ascetic, the king asked, “What would you do if a thief or a wild animal attacked your wife?”

The ascetic replied, “I would not release him.”

The king thought that the ascetic was harmless and had no powers. He quickly dragged the wife towards his chariot.

Suddenly, the king had a thought. He came and asked the ascetic, “Whom did you refer to as ‘him’?”

The ascetic replied, “ ‘Him’ meant ‘anger’.” Then, the ascetic preached the king about the flaws of anger.

The words of the ascetic changed the king. He begged the ascetic’s forgiveness and returned his wife.

4. Generosity Defeats Death

(Short story on Humanity in English)

This is the heart touching short stories with moral. Once upon a time, a rich man was famous for his generosity.

In those days, a sage was meditating in the forest. While meditating, he remained without eating or drinking. Read also The Naughty Cat Story

When he returned to his ordinary state, he was in danger of dying from starvation. So, he went to the rich man to get food.

Now, the god of death was watching all this. When he saw that the sage was near death from starvation, he decided to take him to his abode.

And so before the rich man could give food to the sage, the god of death caused a deep pit of red hot burning coals to appear between them.

But the rich man was not afraid. He crossed the burning pit and remained unharmed. Then he gave food to the sage. The god of death was defeated. He was amazed at the power of generosity.

5. The Pigeons and The Fake Hermit

(Humanity Short Story in English)

This is the very short story with moral lesson. A king of pigeons used to visit a hermit every day and listen to his sermons. One day, the hermit left his hut and went away forever.

Many days later, a fake hermit came to live in the same hut. He was very fond of pigeon meat. One day, he saw a flock of pigeons near his hut. His mouth watered. He planned to kill and cook the pigeons.

So, the next day, he started the cooking process by putting in all the spices. Soon, the pigeons came flying. But their king smelt the spices and warned all the pigeons to stay away from the hut. You may like 7+ Short Stories with Moral Values

The hermit realised that his plan had been discovered. He threw a stick to hurt the pigeon king, but it missed him.

The pigeon king shouted, “You will suffer in hell for your sins. I will also reveal your true identity to everyone.”

Frightened of the threat, the fake hermit left the hut and ran away.

6. The Disobedient Student

(Humanity Story)

This is the short story about humanity. There was a famous teacher. He had many students. Among them was a student named Bhanu. He was not a good student. He was very disobedient.

Bhanu never paid attention to what his teacher said. His main aim was to eat food and fight with his fellow students.

The teacher was fed up of Bhanu and his ways. One day, he threw Bhanu out of his hermitage. You may like Faithful Parrot

Bhanu had nowhere to go now. He kept walking and walking till he came to a village. There he became a labourer to earn his livelihood.

After a while news spread that Bhanu was a student of a famous teacher. The villagers started seeking his advice. But after some time, the villagers felt that the advice that Bhanu gave was affecting them badly.

They drove Bhanu away from their village. Bhanu repented being a bad student and not obeying his teacher.

7. The Water Spring

(Very Short Story on Humanity)

This is the Short feel good stories. A certain merchant was leading his caravan to another country to sell his goods. Along the way, they came to a hot desert. It was so hot that the merchant’s men started fainting.

There was no water left. Some men started crying out of desperation. The merchant thought, ‘I must not give up. If I give up, my men will surely give up. I must be positive!’ Read also 21+ Best Short Fable Stories with Moral Lesson

Soon, he noticed a tuft of grass. He thought, “Grass cannot grow without water.’

He got excited and called his men to dig there. They dug and dug and hit a stone. But there was no water. The merchant replied, “We must not give up. Keep digging!”

He put his ear on the stone, and heard the sound of water. Immediately, he struck the rock with a hammer.

The rock split in two and e water gushed out from under it.

The merchant and his men were overjoyed. Their hard work had paid off.

We hope you have enjoyed the short Heart Touching Stories on Humanity. If you like the stories then do share and comment below.

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