Jumbo Elephant Short Story

Jumbo Elephant Short Story is the of short jungle tale for kids . Once there lived a clever, strong tiger in a forest. He always made fun of other animals. He especially mocked Jumbo elephant by calling him slow and clumsy.

One day, all the animals were holding a meeting in a cave near a mountain.

Suddenly, there was a storm and a huge tree fell in front of the cave, blocking its entrance.

Jumbo Elephant Short Story Image
Jumbo Elephant Short Story Image

Everyone expected that the strong, clever tiger would easily help them to get out.

But unfortunately, the tiger could not move the huge tree. Finally, a Bumble Bee came out of a a tiny gap between the rocks.

She went to find the Jumbo elephant to protect all the animal, who had not come for the meeting because he was not happy.

When the Jumbo elephant heard of the problem, he immediately came to help.

He moved the tree away from the entrance of the cave, setting the animals free.

All animals thanked both the bumblebee and Jumbo elephant.

That day, the tiger learnt his lesson, and never mocked any animal again.

Moral of the Story – Jumbo Elephant Short Story

Never mock anyone

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