The Lost Tree Short Story | Jungle Bedtime Story

The Lost Tree Short Story is the Jungle Bedtime Story. Once there lived a squirrel, under a big green tree. It was beginning to turn cold, so she started burying nuts under the tree.

When all the nuts were buried under the big green tree, the squirrel decided to take a vacation. Read also Bell in the Jungle story

After two weeks, when she returned, the squirrel could not find her big green tree. She got worried.

Next morning, the squirrel started her search again. She was very hungry and was desperately searching for some food.

The Lost Tree Short Story Image
The Lost Tree Short Story Image

Suddenly, she met her friend, the frog, and told him the whole story. You may like also The Needle Tree Story

The frog asked her, “Where did you bury the nuts?”

The squirrel replied, “Under the big green tree. But now there is a big yellow tree. Read also Woodcutter and Tree Story

My green tree has gone!” The frog said, “Do you know that leaves change colour in autumn?

Your green tree has become yellow!” When the squirrel looked for her buried nuts, she found them under the big yellow tree.

She happily dug them all up!

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