Monkey Short Story On Hard Work

This is the Monkey Short Story On Hard Work. A poor man had a monkey with whose plays in public, and Man earned his living. Monkeys would show different types of arts and people would give money happily. His owner used that money to make a living.

Monkey Short Story On Hard Work

One day his owner took him to the zoo. There his monkey saw the monkey imprisoned in the cage. The children were giving him bananas to eat. Seeing the monkey in the cage, the monkey thought, ‘How lucky is this!

It gets food easily without any effort whereas I have to work hard throughout the day. Thinking this the monkey went to stay in the cage of the zoo that night.

He thoroughly enjoyed the rest and free food there. But soon he got tired of it all. Now he wanted his freedom back. So he ran away from there and went back to his master.

The monkey realized that although it takes hard work to make a living, it is even more difficult to sit idle.

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