Boy’s Humanity Story in English

This is the humanity story in English. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. A father and his 8-year-old son were walking on the road. The father was bringing his child from school.

Father: Son, today you had an English test in school… how was it?

Son: It was okay

Father: what you did today in school?

Son: Today was the period of moral education and madam told us that we should always help others, no matter what the situation. And madam has told the children that you must go home and help some person and tell me tomorrow whom you helped.

Father: Okay, I’ll do your homework. Now where will you help someone?

It was rainy season and soon it started raining….

Father had two umbrellas. The father gave a small umbrella to the child and started using the big umbrella himself. Both father and son went away enjoying the rain.

Then the son saw that a dog is sitting on the side of the road. Dog was feeling cold because of getting wet and he was shivering.

The son ran to that dog’s puppy and put his umbrella on puppy’s head.

The father scolds his son on seeing this and says that “Son… will get wet and read sick but the son did not agree and kept his umbrella over the dog’s head until the rain stopped.”

When the rain stopped, the child removed his umbrella from the dog’s head and said to his father “Papa .. I completed my homework given by madam.

After saying this, the son then told his father that if this dog stayed on the road like this then he would die, can I take it home?

Seeing his son’s soft heart, love for animals and human heart, the heart of the father melted and said “why not.. we would take it home and play with it everyday”

Friends, in today’s time, examples of such humanity are rarely seen. Actually, the main goal of human existence is to protect humanity and if we are not able to do this then who will call us human. Learn to have mercy on every creature created by nature because this is the true religion.

Even an animal cries on its own wound, a human being is the one who can feel the pain of others.

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