Mother Frog Puffs Up Short Story

This is the Frog Story. One morning, Mother Frog went looking for food. Her babies were playing near a pool.

Soon, a donkey came to the pool to drink water. He accidentally stepped on two baby frogs and they died. The third baby frog hid near a hedge by the pool.

After some time, the donkey went away.

mother frog story image
mother frog story image

When Mother Frog came home, she asked where the other babies had gone. The baby frog said, “Mother, a monster killed them with his foot!”

A Mother Frog was angry. “I will teach him a lesson. How big was he? As big as me?” she asked.

“No, Mother. Much bigger,” came the reply.

Mother Frog took a deep breath and puffed herself up with all her might and asked, “This big?”

The baby frog said, “No, mother. Bigger!”

Mother Frog went on puffing up. She was trying to grow as big as the donkey, but it was impossible.

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