Famous 1 Minute Stories with Moral Values 2022

1 minutes moral stories are time saving tales that you can read in a minutes or less. Though these stories are short but have deep meaning and fun elements are present in them.

1 Minute Stories with Moral Values
1 Minute Stories with Moral Values

One Minute Stories In English

Here below, You can read One minutes short in English which will save your time and give more values.

1. A Poor Farmer Story

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

Once, in a village, a rich man buried his gold in a field to keep it safe from thieves.

Years passed by. The rich man died. One day, a poor farmer who owned the field was ploughing it.

While ploughing, his plough hit something hard.

At first the farmer thought it to be a stone. But he was amazed to see a lump of gold there.

He decided to carry the gold home at night lest somebody should see him during the day.

At night, the farmer tried to lift the gold, but it was too heavy.

Then he tried to drag it but it did not budge an inch.

Then he sat down to think as to how to move the gold.

He decided to break it into four parts. Then he could carry home one piece at a time.

He did exactly that and carried the gold home easily. He lived a wealthy man.

2. Short King Story with Moral

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

Long ago, people lived much longer than they do today.

Once, a king was more than a 1,000 years old.

One day, he told the royal barber, “If you see any grey hair on my head, you must tell me immediately!” The barber agreed.

When the king was 1,500 years old, the royal barber said, “I see one grey hair on your head.”

On hearing this, the king called his eldest son and made him the king.

His ministers were surprised and asked him why he was retiring.

The king held up the grey hair and said, “I have realized that this grey hair shows that death is approaching fast. I have wasted my precious life in seeking the pleasures of wealth and comfort. Now, I will meditate and attain wisdom.”

He went into the forest and meditated hard. He became a great sage.

3. The Priest Moral Story

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

A king had an orchard. Many monkeys used to live there. One day, the royal priest was passing through the orchard. A naughty monkey made fun of him.

The priest got angry and vowed to take revenge on all the monkeys.

The monkey king got worried. He told the monkeys to leave the orchard as they were in danger.

Many monkeys agreed and left but a few stubborn ones did not leave.

After many days, there was a fire in the royal stable. Many horses got injured in the fire. The king sought the royal priest’s advice for a remedy.

This was the priest’s opportunity to take his revenge. He said to the king, “We can use monkeys’ fat to cure the injuries of the horses.”

The king gave order to Kill all the monkeys living in the park and bring their fat.

Thus, all those monkeys, who had ignored the advice of their king, died.

4. The Values of Life

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

Once, there was a rich man. But despite being rich he always believed that happiness could be obtained by leading a good life; money was not everything. He had a son. He wanted to teach his son the same thing.

One day, his son, while playing, broke his toy. The son started crying.

His father came and consoled him. Then he said to his son, “Do not cry over this broken toy. Things come and go in life but the most important things in life are good health, truthfulness and sincerity. Never give up these values ever in your life.”

The boy listened attentively to his father. He started leading a good life. When he grew up, he became very successful.

He realized that his father’s words were the reason behind his success.

5. Three Trees Bible Story

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

Long ago, trees could talk. One day, they were having an angry discussion. A fir tree said, “All the animals come and rest under us and dirty the area.”

The pine tree said angrily, “Let us teach them a lesson that they will not forget!”

A wise old banyan tree said, “Calm down, my friend. You will fall into trouble if the animals go away.”

But the pine tree was adamant. The other trees also agreed with it. So, when the animals came there, the trees moved so fiercely that all the animals got frightened and ran away.

The trees were very happy. They enjoyed the calm and serene atmosphere.

But there was trouble ahead. Suddenly, two woodcutters approached the trees. One said to the other, “Finally, there are no animals here.

Now, we can easily cut the trees.” The other replied, “Yes, my friend.” Saying so, they started chopping the pine tree.

The other trees could only watch in despair.

6. Ripe Figs Story

(1 Minute Stories with Moral)

A kingdom was ruled by a very just and kind king. One day, the king went around his kingdom in disguise to see how the people were faring under his rule.

While moving around, he came to a hermitage. An ascetic saw him and offered him some figs. The king found the figs very sweet in taste. The ascetic replied, “The fruits are sweet because the king is a wise ruler.”

The king was surprised by this answer, so he asked the ascetic, “What if the king was unjust? Would the figs lose their sweetness?”

The ascetic replied, “Yes, if the king is unjust not only the figs but also the whole atmosphere loses its sweetness.”

The king returned to his palace. To test the ascetic’s words, he started ruling his kingdom unjustly.

After some days, he again went to the ascetic and tasted the figs. This time the figs were bitter.

The king decided to rule justly and make the figs sweet gain.

How do like the stories. Aren’t 1 Minute Moral Stories time saving? Let us know which story you like the most in below comment.

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