The Proud Peacock Short Story

This is the Crane and Peacock Story for kids. There was a lake in a forest. It was surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes. A peacock lived near the lake. He had beautiful feathers and he looked at his reflection on the surface of the lake water every day.

One day, a crane came there searching for food. The lake was full of fish and he was hungry.

proud peacock story picture
proud peacock story picture

The proud peacock began to spread his tail and said to the crane, “Look at me! My feathers are so beautiful not plain and boring like yours.”

The crane looked at the peacock for a while and said, “True, my friend! You look beautiful.”

The peacock boasted, “There is no one like me in this forest.”

The crane replied, “What’s the use of beautiful feathers that don’’t help you to fly? My feathers are plain but can fly wherever I want to.”

The peacock was silent. He had learnt a lesson in humility.

Moral of the Story – The Proud Peacock Short Story

Don’t compare yourself to others, appreciate on what you have

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