The Rabbit Hunter Story

This is the best short animal stories with moral for kids. Once, There was a cruel hunter. He was fond of rabbit meat. He used to hunt rabbits daily for lunch.

One afternoon, he caught a rabbit and was walking towards his house.

On the way, he met a saint.

The saint said, “Son, let the rabbit go. God will bless you for such a deed.

rabbit hunter story image
Rabbit Hunter Story Image

The hunter replied, “Who are you to teach me about God? I will do whatever I want. I will kill this rabbit right here. Look!”

Saying this he took out a big knife.

The saint pleaded not to do so, but the hunter pushed him away.

As the hunter sat down to slit the rabbit’s throat, the knife slipped and his leg was cut in its place.

He grabbed his foot and cried out in pain, and the rabbit escaped.

The hunter was injured and could never walk properly ever again, let alone hunting rabbits.

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