The Crow Couple and The Sea Story

This is the short crow story. Once, a crow and his wife were sitting near the sea. Suddenly, a big wave came and swept the crow’s wife away.

The crow cried and cried over the loss of his wife. Soon, many crows gathered near him after hearing his cries.

crow story
Crow Story

They asked him why he was crying. The crow told them everything. The crows felt very sad for the crow.

The crow decided to fast near the sea. He said, “I will not eat or sleep till I get my wife back.”

Many days passed by but the crow did not give up his fasting. The sea-god was seeing all this. He felt pity for the crow and thought, ‘He really does
love his wife a lot.”

So impressed was the sea-god that he returned the crow’s wife.

The crow was very happy and thanked the sea-god.

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