21+ Best Short Fable Stories with Moral Lesson

A Short fable stories with moral lesson : Stories are the best way to educate kids for moral values. A short fables for kids help in learning a valuable lessons through the moral values from the stories.

EStorybook has such simple short stories for kids, which you may read with your kids when they will ask next time.

A animal fable stories with moral lessons are great walkway to pass knowledge and adapting good things,

If you are parents and you want to develop your kids with compassion, integrity, responsibility ,respect and self discipline, We have below collection of 21+ great short fable stories with moral lessons for you.

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Short Fable Stories with Moral Lesson

From the childhood, we have read various Aesop’s fables short stories, Panchatantra stories or fable stories for kids multiple times. We always like to listen these stories and tell them to our kids and anyone likes to listen.

Short Fables for Kids

Winter Nights in the Forest

This is the story on animals with moral lesson. On a winter night, all the animals of the jungle were shivering with cold.

By midnight, the temperature dipped below zero degree celsius and many animals fell seriously ill.

Dr. Dove was watching all these animals. Read also Ant and Dove Story

The next morning, a dog complained,” I could hear the sound of my teeth chattering, as I shivered in the night!”

An elephant said, “Though we are big, we too felt very cold.”

I have an idea, “said Dr. Dove,”Let us all move into a nearby cave and spend our winter nights there.” The animals agreed.

It was night again. All the animals were inside the cave, but still they were shivering.

They asked Dr. Dove for a solution. Dr. Dove asked them to collect dry twigs, make a small heap and set it on fire at the mouth of the cave.

After lighting the fire, The cave became warm and all the animals slept comfortably.

They made it a daily routine and enjoyed the winters.

Moral of the Story – Winter Nights in the Forest

Team effort can solve big problems.

The Quail and The Tom Cat Fable Story About Animals with Moral Lesson

This is second fable stories for kids. In a Jungle, They lived a quail. In her neighborhood, there lived a tom cat.

The quail was the mother of four chicks. She was always scared of the tom cat but the tom cat was very loving towards the chicks.

One day in spite of her fear, mother Quail went out with her chicks for a walk near the pond.

The tom cat followed them with his camera. He wanted to take pictures of those chicks.

Suddenly, Mother Quail heard some sound. She immediately checked on her chicks and was shocked to find one of her chicks missing. Read also Cat and Rat Story

The tom cat had also heard the sound. He followed the sound and found that it was coming from a hole.

The tom cat put his paw inside the hole and found the missing chick there.

He took out the chick carefully and handed it to Mother Quail.

Mother quail was very happy and relieved and thanked the tom cat.

Finally, Mother Quail and tom cat became good friends.

Moral of the Story – The Quail and The Tom cat

Never judge a book by its cover

The Foolish Rabbit Very Very Short Story in English

The Foolish Rabbit is the very short story with moral lesson. Once, a dog was wandering about in a forest. Suddenly, he came upon a grassy patch and saw a rabbit busy eating the grass.

The dog decided to chase the rabbit.

The rabbit noticed the dog coming towards him. He ran as fast as he could, to save himself from being killed.

As the dog was getting nearer the rabbit was unable to run anymore, he hid behind a bush.

Unfortunately, due to his hunger, the rabbit ate the leaves of the bush and became visible to the dog.

The dog saw the rabbit and tried to catch him with a single leap.

The rabbit immediately ran towards his burrow, as fast as he could.

But alas! the rabbit could not make it to his burrow, and the dog succeeded in catching him.

The rabbit got caught due to his foolishness. He ate the leaves of the bush behind which he had been hiding safely.

Moral of the Story – The Foolish Rabbit

Always control yourself

The Mouse Plays a Trick

This is the another one of short fable stories with moral lesson. A forest was located near a sea-shore. All the animals in the forest used to make fun of the mouse’s tiny .size

One day, the mouse thought of challenging the shark and the elephant, to a game of tug-of-war.

He called the shark and asked her to remain near the seashore.

The mouse told her that he would give her a long rope and when he would ask him to pull, the competition would start.

He conveyed the same message to the elephant and asked him to stand behind the trees near the seashore.

The mouse then cleverly tied the rope, both to the shark’s tail and to the elephant’s body, too.

He yelled, “Pull!”. Both the animals, the elephant and the shark, pulled the rope; but to their shock, they just could not pull it!

They thought, ‘that little mouse could not possibly stronger than we!’

But finally, they shouted out an exhaustion,” Oh Mouse, We surrender; we will never mock you again!”

Moral of the Story – The Mouse Plays a Trick

With your thinking, you can bring change

The Pigeon’s Collar Little Story

One day, an elephant was very happy. He invited all the animals and the birds of the jungle to a party.

Everyone wanted to dress well. The pigeon, who delivered the invitation to the party on behalf of the elephant, had no time to dress.

All the other animals were nicely dressed up. When the pigeon saw this, he felt very bad.

He said to the animals, sadly, “I have no new dress, so I will come in my old dress itself.”

The elephant felt sorry for the pigeon and thought of cheering him up.

All the animals agreed, and said,”Do not worry, dear friend; we will arrange something for you.”

Then all the animals, collectively, gifted him a sparkling collar.

The pigeon was very grateful and happy. Since that day, all pigeons wear sparkling blue purple collars.

Moral of the Story – The Pigeon’s Collar

Treat everyone equally and support weaker one

The Savior Bear Story for Toddlers with Pictures

Two sisters lived near a forest. One day, as they were collecting firewood in the forest, some tribal people came charging towards them.

The frightened sisters ran deep into the forest. They finally found a place to hide in the hollow bark of a tree.

After a while, a bear walked towards the tree.

He just stood calmly and gestured the sisters to come out.

The sisters were confused and frightened but they listened to the bear anyway.

The bear then led the two sisters to a cave near a river.

He even brought food and water and protected them the entire night.

The next morning, the bear led the two sisters safely back to their village.

Just as the two sisters turned to thank the bear again, he disappeared into thin air!

No one ever saw the bear again. It is said that even today, bear protects innocent people who are in trouble in the forest.

Moral of the Story – The Savior Bear

Always stay positive, someone will help you

The Cunning Fox’s Trick Animal Short Story

A group of people was camping in a forest. By evening, they suddenly realized that they had no food left for dinner.

A man said, “I will bring some fresh meat. We can make a bonfire and roast it.

He took a club and went to the lake thinking that animals would come to drink water.

He lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.

After some time, some foxes came to the lake.

The fox chief said,”I will check if this man is pretending to be dead.”

So, the fox pulled the man’s club, cautiously.

The man pulled back his club, at once and quickly threw his club at the fox.

Unfortunately, He missed his aim. He looked for the other foxes, but everybody had run far away.

The man thought, “I tried to play a trick on the animals, but the cunning fox played a better trick on me!”

Moral of the Story – The Cunning Fox’s Trick

We should always take action after thinking

Trust your Parents Simple Short Story

A lion king wanted his son to learn good skills and be a good ruler when he grew up.

So, he decided to send him to the wise Ape.

However, the cub pleaded,”Father, I don’t want to leave this comfortable life and go.”

The lion replied,”Son, you must be well trained. It will help you to rule the kingdom well.”

Unwillingly, the cub left his family and stayed with the wise Ape in another forest.

There, he learned many skills and tricks.

Five years later, an enemy lions attacked the lion king’s forest.

A message was sent for the cub.

The well-trained cub came back to help his father.

He fought bravely and defeated the enemies.

The proud lion hugged him with tears in his eyes.

He said,”Well done, son! But never misunderstand your parents.

Parents have to take tough decisions for their children’s good.”

The cub apologized to his father for mistaking his motive.

Moral of the Story – Trust your Parents

Always believe on your parents decisions

The Golden Bell Short Fable Stories

A thief stole a golden bell from the king’s palace and ran into the forest to hide.

There, a tiger saw him hiding behind a tree and pounced on him.

Some monkeys found the bell and started playing with it.

A woodcutter found the thief’s body and thought, ‘A monster living in the forest has killed him and is ringing the bell. He will surely kill us all!

He spread the word and people started fleeing the kingdom.

The king was very worried, but a hunter came to him and said,”Your Majesty, I will find the monster and kill him.”

The clever hunter took some fruits and water before leaving for the forest.

He saw the monkeys playing with the bell and offered the fruits to them.

The monkeys dropped the bell and started eating the fruits.

The hunter picked the golden bell up and went back. The king rewarded him handsomely for his bravery.

Moral of the Story – The Golden Bell

Don’t believe what you hear from others

Adventurous Mae Short Fables With Morals

One day, A swallow couple was moving their nest along with their hatchlings.

They had told their children to stay together and not to stray.

But the youngest hatchling, Mae, was very adventurous. She had just learnt to fly and got distracted easily.

Mae looked all around her while flying. She always stayed behind to notice flowers and insects.

The parent swallows had warned Mae to stay with them. However, as they all started flying, Mae stopped again and again to admire beautiful things.

Soon, she realized that she was lost. Mae searched but couldn’t find her parents.

She cried, regretting that she didn’t listen to her parents.

With a glint of hope, Mae started flying again and called out to her parents.

A parrot family saw the stranded swallow and tried to help her.

Soon they found the swallow family.

Mae apologized for not listening to her parents and thanked the parrots for the timely help.

Moral of the Story – Adventurous Mae

Always listen to your elders

The Missing Tail Feather Very Short fables with Morals

Once, a peafowl realized that one of his tail feathers was missing.

So he called the best detectives in the forest, the fox and the monkey.

The fox was cleverer and wiser than the monkey.

He followed the clues to find the missing tail feather.

It led him to the deepest of the forests where he found a snake.

But he was hesitant to ask for help, so he said nothing to the snake and carried on looking for the missing feather.

The monkey was gregorous and happy detective.

He entered the deep forest and found the same snake. He asked the snake,”Have you seen a peafowl’s feather?”

The snake was old to pleased to lead the monkey to the missing feather.

The peafowl had dropped it while dancing in the rain.

So the monkey returned to the feather and collected his reward.

The fox realized he could have asked for help instead of being overconfident.

Moral of the Story – The Missing Tail Feather

Never be overconfident, other we may loose various rewards

The Clever Woodcutter

Long ago, a stripeless tiger saw a woodcutter, sleeping near his bullock cart.

The tiger crept quietly and whispered to the bullock, “Your master is not strong, yet he makes you work for him. So how does he do it?”

The bullock answered, “why don’t you ask him?”

The tiger sprang over to the woodcutter and asked,”I have heard that the source of man’s power is something called wisdom.”

The terrified woodcutter replied,”I will gladly go and fetch wisdom for you.

But I cannot leave a hungry tiger with my bullock. So, will you let me tie you to this tree?”

The tiger agreed.

A little later, the clever woodcutter returned with grass and lighted a torch.

He laid grass beneath the tiger and set it on fire.

The tiger roared, until the fire burned the ropes. Then he ran to the river where he soothed his burnt fur.

However, his skin had orange and black stripes forever.

Moral of the Story – The Clever Woodcutter

wisdom is your strength

The Ants and the Worms Short Animal Fables with Morals

The queen of beasts had invited all the animals, birds and insects to a great feast.

During the feast, the king of ants got up and said,”My people are stronger than any of you. Not even the elephant can stand before us.”

He also insulted the worms saying that he disliked them very much. “They are just poor wriggling things,” he said.

The worms were very angry and complained.

So, the queen of beasts said,”the best way to decide who the stronger is to fight the matter out.”

So, the next day, the ants left their nest in thousands and merged in a line. The worms also came.

The fight was over in a few minutes, as the worms were bitten in pieces by the sharp pincer-like mouths of the ants.

The few worms who survived, squirmed away and buried themselves out of sight.

Ever since, worms have always been afraid and had lived underground.

Moral of the Story – The Ants and the Worms

Always violence is the not solution. We need to understand our enemies strength first

Best Friends Animal Fables

Groucho was a young rabbit. His best friend’s name was Calico. Calico was a pretty little cat.

One winter morning, Calico found a big white wool ball.

She meowed to call Groucho,”Meow, Meow!”

Groucho immediately ran to her. Calico showed him the wool ball and they started playing with it.

Soon, Groucho got entangled in the wool and struggled to come out of it.

He started crying. Calico tried to help him, but was unable to set him free.

Calico asked Groucho to calm down and quickly run to get help. “Help! Help! Help!”

Aunt rat was passing by. She asked Calico,”what is the matter, my dear?”

Calico said,”please help us! My friend Groucho is entangled in a wool ball.”

Aunt rat said,” Do not worry; I will help you.”

She then went with Calico and cut the wool with her sharp teeth, and set Groucho free.

Calico proved that she was a true friend to Groucho.

Moral of the Story – Best Friends

Always select friends wisely

Too Proud to be Friends

“Too Proud to be Friends” is the English fable short story. A swan and a crane lived on the different sides of a lake.

Every day, they went out in search of food and returned in the evening.

Their life had become very boring. To make life more interesting, the swan decided to be friends with the crane.

However, the crane said your legs are short and mine are long! How can we be friends?”

Later, the crane realized her mistake and went to the swan’s house.

This time, the swan refused,” I cannot be your friend because your neck is not long and straight like me.”

After a while, the swan decided to be the crane’s friend.

However again, the crane refused. So, they lived alone on the different sides of the lake and they often met with the proposal to be friends.

Every time, they were too proud to accept it. They are still alone when they could easily become friends.

Moral of the Story – Too Proud to be Friends

Never compare yourself with others, otherwise you will find yourself alone

The Clever Ostrich Short Fables with Lessons

A proud lioness felt that only the ostrich was here who was equally match with her and made friends with her.

One day, she said,”Ostrich, will you come with me to catch prey?”

The ostrich agreed. They saw some quails and ran after them. The lioness caught one quail but the ostrich killed many by striking them with her claw.

When the lioness saw this,”she was jealous. That night, the lioness cups noticed that the ostrich had no teeth.

They went to their mother and said,”Who says she is your equal? She has no teeth.”

This made the lioness very proud and challenged the ostrich,”Get up and fight.”

The clever ostrich said,” Do you see an anthill there?

Go to that side of the anthill, and I will go to this side of it.”

The ostrich struck the anthill, and sent the ants towards the lioness.

As the lioness fought the ants, The ostrich ran away and never came back.

Moral of the Story – The Clever Ostrich

Wisely you can get out of every problem

The Ungrateful Snake Story with Moral Lesson

Once, a traveler saved the snake. The sly snake tried to bite him.

The traveler shouted, “Please stop! Let a wise person decide this for us.”

Just then a jackal came along. The traveller asked him,”I freed the snake when she was under the stone and now she wants to bite me. It is not fair that she bites me, when I helped her. Is it?”

The wise jacker replied,” I don’t believe you unless I see the incident repeat itself.”

So, they went to the place where it all happened.

There, the jackal said,”Lie down snake!” When the snake did so, the traveller covered her with the stone.

When he was about to release her, the jackal said do not lift.

The ungrateful one wanted to bite you. So, let her free herself.”

Then they went away, leaving the snake under the stone.

Moral of the Story – The Ungrateful Snake

Beware from ungrateful people

The Lion without a Roar

This is one of the Animal fable stories with Morals. Once, There was a lion who could not roar at all.

He was unable to roar since birth. There was no one who could teach him or tell him that lions always roared. So, he learnt to talk softly with everyone.

Once, the lion was very annoyed with the pig. He wanted to roar at the pig, but was unable to do so.

The lion then invented a roaring machine. One day, the lion saw the same pig again. The lion thought of using his roaring machine.

His roaring machine sent out a truly terrifying roar.

“GRRRROAAUUURRR!!” All the animals in the forest got scared and none dared to go near him.

The lion became lonely and sad. He decided not to use that machine again.

Slowly, using the kind and cordial tone of his voice, the lion managed to restore the animal’s trust in him.

He realized that one could convey any message by speaking softly too, and that there was no need to roar.

Moral of the Story – The Lion without a Roar

Always speak softly

Ice In the Jungle Short Story with Moral Lesson

“Ice In the Jungle” is the Short Story with Moral Lesson. Early one morning, a huge block of ice appeared in the middle of the jungle.

It was as tall as a tree and as huge as an elephant. It was extremely cold.

All the animals thought it had some treasure inside it.

A huge hullaballoo was created. The king of the jungle, the lion, announced that whoever could get the treasure out from this huge object would succeed him as the next king.

As soon as the king announced this, a race began among the animals.

All of them wanted to try their luck all. All animals tried to break the block forcefully. But they could only chip out pieces from it.

They soon noticed that the size of the ice block was reducing.

A rabbit picked some pieces of the ice up. They had broken off the block.

They melted soon in his hand and turned into water.

The rabbit then told the animals that it was not any treasure but just a huge block of ice. Laughing aloud, the rabbit said,” Before leaping blindly at the problem, we should have taken some time to observe it!”

Moral of the Story – Ice In the Jungle

We should observe the situation first then make decision

The Selfish Baboon Best Fable Story

This is the another short fable stories with moral lesson. Long ago, It was so hot that water was found only in a few small ponds throughout the forest.

A baboon lived near one such pond. He chased away all the animals saying, “Nobody is allowed to drink water from this pond. This water belongs to me.” He also lit a fire close to the pond so that he might protect his water during the cold nights.

One day, a zebra came to the pond. Back then, zebras only had beautiful white coats.

The selfish baboon said to the zebra,”Look! if you want the water, you will have to fight with me.”

The zebra kicked the baboon and he flew high up into the rocks.

The zebra had kicked so hard that he himself lost the balance and fell into the fire.

The burning sticks fell on his beautiful white coat creating black stripes all over his body.

The baboon fell with a loud thud on his buttocks and got a red bottom forever.

Moral of the Story – The Selfish Baboon

If you have enough then share with others

Fight in the Sea

This is one of the short fable stories with moral lesson. Once upon a time, dolphins, whales and many other small colorful fish lived in the sea.

The dolphins and the small fish were very good friends.

One day, the whales started harming the small fish. This made the dolphins angry and they started fighting with the whales.

It looked as if the fight would never end! The fight was at its peak, when suddenly a sprat lifted its head out of the sea and said, “I will solve the matter, if all of you accept me as your king.”

One of the dolphins was very wise. She understood that the sprat was taking advantage of the fight between the whales and the dolphins.

She replied,”Even if we get killed in our fight with one another, we will not let anybody interfere in our matter.”

The sprat’s idea of ruling over them failed. Now, all of them understood that the interference of a third person would be harmful for everyone, and they called of the fight.

Moral of the Story – Fight in the Sea

Always solve our problems amongst ourselves

The Cunning Fox and the witty Peacock

This the Short Panchatantra Stories. One day, a fox was roaming in search of food. After a while, he saw a peacock perched high on a tree.

“How can I hunt this peacock for lunch? I cannot climb up the tree,” he thought.

The fox was cunning. He said to the peacock, “Don’t you know there was a meeting of animals this morning? All Animals and birds are now friends and no one will kill one another for food anymore.”

The peacock replied, “So King Lion, the tigers and the leopards shall eat grass from today.”

The fox said, “Come, let us have a chat.”

The peacock replied, “Sure. Some of your friends are also coming here.”

“Who?” asked the fox.

“Hounds,” said the peacock.

The fox sprang up on his feet when the peacock said, “Remember, all the animals and the birds have become friends.”

“Maybe the hounds haven’t heard about it,” said the fox and ran away deep into the forest.

Moral of the Story – The Cunning Fox and the witty Peacock

Beware of new friends

The Monkey and Haughty Bird

There was a mango tree by a river. It was home to many birds who lived on its branches.

A little bird lived there too. She had worked hard collecting straws, leaves and feathers to build her nest. She was proud of her lovely home.

One evening, it rained heavily. All the birds and the animals took shelter in their homes. A monkey, who was playing near the mango tree, took shelter under it. He was drenched.

The proud bird saw the monkey and said, “Why didn’t you build a home before the rainy season?”

The monkey did not like what the bird said and screamed, “Keep quiet, little bird!”

The haughty bird continued, “Had you worked hard before, you wouldn’t be shivering now.

But you monkeys keep lazing around.” The monkey lost his temper. With one blow, he sent the nest shattering on the ground.

The bird stared in disbelief.

Moral of the Story – The Monkey and Haughty Bird

Never give advice unless asked

Short Story About Animals With Moral Lesson are tales of animals where each stories have moral lessons. If you read stories then you also learn new moral values. A fable story about animals with moral lesson are best for the development of children as it makes them more sensible and discipline.

If you guide your kids to learn from day to day incidents and experience of others, then they have many more Short Fable Stories with Moral Lesson to share with friends and others.

Hope you have enjoyed above short stories with moral lesson. What’s your favorite fable story? Tell us about it here.

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