The Other Side of The Wall Short Story for Class 1

The other side of the wall is the short story for class 1. Anna loved gardening. She had beautiful flowering plants in her garden.

One day, she went to the market and reached Lisa’s seeds stall.

Anna bought the seeds of a flowering creeper plant.

Anna planted the seeds by the back of her garden. It was a common wall with her neighbor, an old lady.

They talked to each other from either side of the wall.

The Other Side of The Wall Short Story for Class 1
Short Story for Class 1

Anna said,” I have planted the seeds of a new creeper plant.”

The old lady said, “I wish, I could see your garden.”

Anna took great care of her plant.

With each passing day, it became bigger and bigger. Months passed by.

But there were no flowers! Frustrated that it didn’t give flowers, Anna decided to cut it down.

She brought an axe and was about to cut the plant.

Just then, the old lady called out, “I wanted to talk to you for the past many days.”

“Thank you for the lovely flowers,” the old lady added.

Anna rushed to the neighbors’ house. She saw that the creeper had pushed through the cracks in the wall and was growing flowers on the other side.

Anna loved the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen!

Moral of the Story – The Other Side of The Wall Short Story

What seems useless to us, may be useful to others

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