10 Short Moral Stories in English for Class 8 You Must Read!!

In this article, we have overall of Short Moral Stories in English for Class 8. We have handpicked these 10 short stories for 8th class in English specially for you.

Short Moral Stories in English for Class 8

In every story, you will get some moral education which will help in understanding the people and the world. Some of these student moral stories in English are very short and basic.

Therefore, your attention will remain in these stories while reading. Short Stories in English for students of class 8 is very interesting and educational. By reading them, you will get infinite and you will also get moral education. By using these education you can get success in life.

Short Moral Stories in English for Class 8

Fox Trick

This is the story for 8th class. One day a fox suddenly fell into a well. After falling into the well, she started shouting, “Save-save, someone save me.” A goat passing by stopped to drink water from the well.

Coming near the well, when he peeped and saw the fox inside the well, he asked, “Sister! What are you doing here?”

The fox was cunning. She said in a very polite voice, the water of this well is very sweet.

I always drink this water. I have come here today so that I can drink more water. You also come inside and drink water to your fullest.

Hearing this, the goat jumped into the well.

Climbing on his back, the fox came out of the well. Coming out, She laughed and said to the goat, “Before doing anything you must know the result.”

Moral of the Story – Fox Trick

Doing things without thinking, you have to regret later.

Lazy Donkey

This is the story for class 8. A merchant had a donkey. He used to carry goods from the market on a donkey. One day, the merchant carried huge sacks of salt on the donkey’s back. The donkey was suffocating with such a heavy load.

Suddenly on the way, his foot slipped on the bank of the river and he fell into the river. He was surprised when he got up somehow, because the weight on his back had suddenly become lighter. Actually, the salt was dissolved in the water.

The next day, again the merchant carried heavy sacks of salt on the donkey’s back. When the donkey reached the river, he deliberately slipped and fell into the water. The weight of his back eased again.

The donkey’s owner had seen that today the donkey had slipped deliberately, so he thought of teaching the donkey a lesson.

The next day, he carried sacks of cotton on the donkey’s back.

As soon as the donkey slipped on the river and went into the river, the cotton absorbed the water and became heavy. The donkey was now feeling sorry for himself.

Moral of the Story – Lazy Donkey

We should always work hard

Donkey Chasing Lion

This is the short story in English for class 8. One morning a donkey and a rooster were having a meal together. Suddenly a lion came and as soon as it extended its paw aggressively towards the donkey, the rooster started banging loudly.

The lion was frightened by this sound and ran away. The donkey thought why not teach the lion a lesson and started chasing the lion.

The lion was running away in fear from the sound of the rooster but after a while the sound stopped hearing. While chasing the lion, the donkey had forgotten that he had come out of the range of the rooster’s voice while running.

As soon as the sound stopped, the lion turned and attacked the donkey. Thus the donkey was killed because of his stupidity.

Moral of the Story – Donkey Chasing Lion

Doing any work without knowing your potential is like inviting damage.

Cunning Frog

This is the story in English for class 8. Once, a frog has a friendship with a mouse with bad intentions. He wanted to kill and eat her by winning her trust. One day while playing a game, the frog tied a mouse paw with him.

First both of them ate barley and then went to the pond to drink water. As soon as the mouse started drinking water, the frog dragged it into the water. He took her deep.

There the mouse died in agony. After a while, a body of rat started floating on the surface of the water. Then an eagle pounced on him and he grabbed him with his sharp and sharp claws. Because the frog’s paw was tied to the mouse, it also became the food of the eagle.

Moral of the Story – Cunning Frog

One who only looks after his selfishness eventually has to suffer heavy losses.

Two Friends and a Bear Story for Class 8

This is the moral based story in English. Two friends were passing through a dense forest. When they saw a bear coming towards them, one of them soon climbed a high tree and hid. But the other friend could not understand what to do.

He stood helpless. Then he remembered a lesson from his school that bears do not hunt a dead man. He lay down straight on the ground holding his breath just like a dead person.

The bear came to him and smelled it and went away. After a while his friend came down from the tree and started asking him, “Friend, what did the bear murmur in your ear?” He replied, “The bear said that one who runs away in times of trouble is not a true friend.”

Moral of the Story – Two Friends and a Bear Story for Class 8

A true friend supports you in times of crisis

Lion Treatment

This is the short story in English. Once the lion king of the jungle fell very ill. All the animals of the forest came to see him in his cave. Only one fox could not come. The wolf took advantage of this and started provoking the lion against the fox.

When the fox came to know about this from the surrounding animals, she went to the lion the next day and said, “Your Majesty, giving the reason for the absence.

I went a long way to find medicine for your illness and I have succeeded in that.” He continued by saying, “You have to burn a live wolf and cover your whole body with its skin. It will give you warmth and you will be as healthy as ever.”

An order was issued to burn the wolf alive in the forest and thus the wolf died.

Moral of the Story – Lion Treatment

Those who dig a pit for others fall into it themselves

Bull at Lion’s Feast

This is a nice short story in English. Once the king of the jungle, the lion, made a plan out of the desire to eat the meat of the bull in the night.

Urging the bull, he said, “Friend, I have hunted a sheep for you and tonight you are invited to my palace for a royal banquet.”

The bull accepted his invitation. When the bull reached there at night, he saw that there was a big horn and water was boiling in the pots. But there were no dead sheep.

When he started going back without saying a single word, the lion angrily said, “I have invited you for food without causing any harm but you are leaving without giving any reason.

Unhappy bull!” Then the bull replied, “I haven’t seen any dead sheep here. It means that you had made all the preparations to eat bull meat today instead of sheep.”

Moral of the Story – Bull at Lion’s Feast

One should never get into sweet talk of anyone.

Fox’s Liberation

This is a short story that has a moral lesson. Once a crow stole a piece of meat from somewhere and pressing it in its beak, he sat on the branch of a tree. A fox was watching all this for a long time. His mouth was watering after seeing the piece of meat.

Then a trick came to his mind. He stood under the tree and said to the crow, “Friends crow, you are the most beautiful bird in this world. Your personality is very impressive and bright.

There is no match for your beauty. Even if you have a sweet voice…” Before the fox could finish his word, the crow opened his mouth to sing a song.

As soon as his mouth opened, the piece of meat fell down from his beak. The fox immediately grabbed it and ran away.

Moral of the Story – Fox’s Liberation

Beware of False Praises

Monkey’s Objection

One day a large crowd of animals had gathered near a river in the forest for the election of the king. All the animals, big and small were very excited.

Then one of the elephants said, “My size is huge and I am very strong. That’s why I am suitable for the position of king.”

The camel cut his words and said, “No, I am fit to be the king. I am strong and shapely and can go without food and drink for many days.

Then a monkey biting him said, “No, You both are inappropriate for this position.

The camel never gets angry, so how will he punish the guilty? If the elephant cannot run away, then how will it save us from the enemies?

Moral of the Story – Monkey’s Objection

Sometimes even small things become a hindrance in the way of our progress.

Silly Monkey

Some fishermen were doing their daily chores on the banks of the river. They were casting their nets in the river and waiting for the fish to be trapped.

After some time, They decided to take a break from work for a short time. Leaving their nets on the shore, they went a short distance from the shore to have lunch.

There was a tree on which a monkey sitting on a branch was watching with amazement all these activities of the fishermen. He was very eager to imitate those movements.

The monkey got a chance when the fishermen left. He got down from the tree and tried to do what was done by the fishermen. But as soon as he touched the net, he got entangled in it.

His life was in danger. He started drowning. Trying to save his life, he started shouting, “I got what I was part of. I shouldn’t have tried to catch fish without first learning it.”

Moral of the Story – Silly Monkey

Little knowledge is dangerous

So friends, we hope that you must have enjoyed reading Short Moral Stories in English for Class 8 and please do share these moral stories with your friends and family members.

So that everyone can read these fun educative stories. Thank you for reading our today’s topic short stories in English for students of class 8.

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