False Friend Story

This is a false friend story. A deer and a crow were best friends. One day the crow saw a deer with a jackal. Jackal is considered to be a very clever animal.

Crow was suggesting to keep away from jackal

The crow explained to his friend the deer that the jackal should not be trusted. The deer did not heed the crow’s advice and went to a field with the jackal.

The deer got caught in the net there. The jackal said to him, “I am going to call the farmer. He will come and kill you. He will give me a share of your meat too.”

The deer started crying. When the crow heard the cry of his friend, he immediately came to his help.

He asked the deer to lie down as if he had really died. In no time, the farmer reached there after hearing the voice of the jackal.

He saw that the deer was dead in the net. He opened the net. As soon as the net opened, the deer got a chance and immediately jumped up and ran away.

The angry farmer thrashed the jackal and drove him away.


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