The Farmer and The Eagle

Once, An eagle was trapped. “Please help me!” he cried.

A farmer set him freed. The eagle was very happy and thankful.

One day, the farmer was asleep leaning on a wall.

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The wall had loose stones and it was about to fall.

“Ohh No! My friend will get hurt.” thought the Eagle.

The eagle took the farmer’s hat and flew away.

The farmer woke up and saw this. “He was very angry. Hey! Is that how you repay me? Give my hand back.” he said.

The farmer got up and chased the eagle. He heard a loud crash behind him. The wall had crashed.

The farmer realized that the eagle had saved his life. “You woke me up on time. Thank you, “said the farmer.

Here is a visual depiction of this story, “The Farmer and the Eagle”. See the video story below

The Farmer and the Eagle

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