When Did Cats Become Pets?

This is the story of When Did Cats Become Pets? Long ago, the cat lived in the forest like other wild animals. That’s why she always wanted to be friends with the powerful animal. While living, he analyzed that all the animals are afraid of the lion, the king of the jungle.

When Did Cats Become Pets?
Cat was walking

Thinking of this, she became a friend of the lion. One day the lion and the cat were taking a nap together. Then an elephant passed by from there. Like other animals, the lion also quietly gave way to the elephant.

The cat thought that the elephant was more powerful than the lion. So she became the elephant’s friend. One day the cat and the elephant were taking a bath in the lake, when the elephant heard a voice and, knowing the hunter was near, ran away.

Now the cat left the elephant as well and started living with the hunter. She thought that the hunter was the most powerful, because he could hunt even an elephant.

One day he saw a mouse in the hunter’s house and killed it. Seeing this the hunter and his wife were very happy. He got rid of the mouse. Since then the cat has become a pet.

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