The Wise Beggar Woman

This is the 1 minute story for kids. Once, there was a king and a queen. One day, they yet saw a beggar woman at the palace gates. Though the beggar woman was in a poor state yet she had a contented smile on her face. The queen noticed this smile and was attracted to the beggar woman.

Wise Beggar Woman

She took some food for the beggar woman and gave it to her. As the woman started eating, the queen asked her, “Though you are a beggar yet you have smile on your face. Why?”

The woman replied, “I smile because I feel lucky to be alive.” The queen was impressed with the woman’s wisdom.

After that she met the woman every day.

One day, the king saw her talking to the beggar woman. Later, he asked the queen why she was spending so much time with a beggar.

The queen did not say anything but took him to meet her. The king, too, was impressed with the woman’s wisdom.

Both became good friends of the beggar woman.

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