A Mother’s Pain | Bedtime Story for Toddlers

This is the bedtime story for toddlers. A mother placed her baby on a mat and bathed in the river.

A demon wanted to eat the baby. He disguised himself as a woman and asked the mother, “Can I take your baby for a stroll?” The mother agreed.

But after some time, the mother saw woman running. She ran after the women and asked, “Where are you taking baby?”

The woman replied, “This baby is mine, not yours!”

A saint heard them and asked what the matter was. After hearing everything, he told the demon to hold the baby’s arms, and the mother, to hold its legs. He told both of them to pull the baby towards themselves.

But, the mother, seeing how her baby cried, freed him.

The sage said, “This baby belongs to the woman who freed the baby because she could not bear to see the baby crying whereas the other woman had no emotions or pity for the baby.”

The mother thanked the sage while the demon ran away.

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